Would you rather make a game-winning shot at home or on the road?

Aaron Gordon: Equal – “Either one, I like both sides to it. Silencing a crowd is great, there’s nothing like that but there’s also nothing like giving your home crowd something to cheer for.”

Jonathan Isaac: Home – “There’s nothing like feeling the excitement with your home fans. It’s kind of quiet when you do it at an away place so I definitely would love to share that with our home fans.”

Jonathon Simmons: Road – “I want to hit one on the road because I want to be able to look into the crowd and see the silence on their faces.”

Nikola Vucevic: Equal – “Either one is great. At home, you have your whole home crowd going crazy. It’s a great feeling. Everybody’s nuts. On the road, you are silencing their crowd. I did two at home. I would love to hit one on the road against a team that has a really good crowd.”

Shelvin Mack: Road – “I would like to hit one first. I missed one in the Eastern Conference Finals. But I would say away to silence the crowd with everybody booing. That would be a great feeling. Also at home would be a great feeling.”

20 Second Timeout is a new feature on OrlandoMagic.com that helps you get to know Magic players. Throughout the season, we will gather responses to different questions from all the players on the team. This edition includes Aaron Gordon, Jonathan Isaac, Shelvin Mack, Jonathon Simmons and Nikola Vucevic.

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