Which team categories did the Magic make the most improvement in last season after acquiring Terrence Ross?

The Magic will train at the Amway Center from Tuesday, Sept. 26 until Sunday, Oct. 1 before playing their first exhibition game in Memphis. OrlandoMagic.com’s Josh Cohen takes a look at hot topics throughout training camp.

This breaks down the Magic’s league rank and average pre-trade and post-trade:

Total Rebounding
Pre-Trade: 22nd (42.7)
Post-Trade: 10th (44.3)

Free Throw Attempts
Pre-Trade: 28th (20.9)
Post-Trade: 13th (22.6)

Fast Break Points
Pre-Trade: 15th (13.3)
Post-Trade: 7th (16.0)

Points in Paint
Pre-Trade: 23rd (41.2)
Post-Trade: 13th (44.6)

Opponent Second Chance Points
Pre-Trade: 25th (13.6)
Post-Trade: 14th (12.8)

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