Webber's Teammates Remember His Brilliance

Though it’s been years since he last suited up in the purple and black, Chris Webber left a lasting impact on those that surrounded him. While he has the statistics to back up his argument as an all-time great, there are some things that can’t be measured in numbers.

Teammates loved playing with No. 4, showing he had a positive impact on the game.

“C-Webb was one of probably my favorite players to play with,” Doug Christie shared. “Just a joy, basketball IQ that was totally off the charts.”

Fans that watched their time together as teammates can attest to the joy those Kings teams displayed on the court. They played unselfishly, moving the ball around from player to player which led to a winning formula on the hardwood.

“He was one of the guys that changed the style of play,” Bobby Jackson said of Webber’s impact. “He changed everything about the Sacramento Kings.”

The one-time Sixth Man of the Year’s assertions are backed up by the team records the Kings had in Webber’s time with the team. Each year, Sacramento finished better than .500, which included four seasons with 55 wins or more. He helped form a winning culture on the franchise.

Peja Stojakovic also reflected on Webber as a teammate, sharing similar sentiments as the others about his time sharing the floor with No. 4.

“My best years in Sacramento, in my NBA career, was playing with Chris,” the Serbian sharpshooter said. “Those are the years I will remember the most.”

Their sentiments show how Webber impacted the game as more than just an individual talent. He also helped make the teammates around him better.

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