Warriors vs. Trail Blazers Postgame Quotes – Game 1 – April 16, 2017

Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr

Q. (Inaudible)?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, it was a great game. It was to me the perfect way to win Game one. You get a real taste for what you’re up against. You take a really good punch from your opponent. You see how good they are, but you’re able to overcome everything and still get the win. So I like it. I like the way our guys responded in the second half.

Our fourth quarter defense in particular changed the game. That first group started the fourth. Their defense was great. And I thought even before that JaVale McGee made a huge impact defensively. So really good effort. A lot of great individual games, and obviously we had to overcome just a phenomenal game from Portland’s back court.

Q. You’ve been talking about whether to put Draymond to start the second or fourth unit or Durant. But you went for defense, I guess. Is this what you imagined you’d get out of them or even more?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, we’ve tried both during the course of the year, and it’s really just depending on what you’re looking for, and this game calls for better defense. I felt like we finally had a little traction defensively. And also, K.D. was going really well in the third quarter. He was scoring, so we didn’t want to take him out.

So it made perfect sense to go to Draymond to start the fourth, and he and David West, I thought, anchored our defense really well. Klay did a good job. Ian Clark made some big plays, so it was a good group.

Q. What was your strategy on how to defend those two in the second half? I saw you trapping the ball screen with Lillard, but what was the plan to try to slow them down after halftime?
STEVE KERR: You know, it’s one of those things if you want to double team them, you’re opening up yourself to made threes from other guys. So you have to decide what you’re going to do. The main thing is we just wanted to be more aggressive. We let them get to their spots in the first half. They still made some tough shots, which they’re going to do. But thought we did a better job in the second half of being a little more physical, and our help-side defense improved as well.

Q. Draymond Green’s five blocked shots, spectacular passion, I would say. What do you have to say about a person who one-on-one stares down his opponents and lets them know, hey, I’m not letting you get this basket as easily as you think it is?
STEVE KERR: Draymond was amazing. He made some tremendous defensive plays. He made threes. He rebounded the ball. He had nine assists. I mean, he played a game that I’m not sure anybody else in the league is capable of, honestly. Who else can do what Draymond just did tonight? He’s so unique and so important to us. He was phenomenal.

Q. What did you think about you are why defense on Lillard and McCollum in the first half? Were those guys just hot, and you couldn’t do anything about it, or were you frustrated at all with the defense?
STEVE KERR: Well, both. They made some tough shots, but they also got to their spots. We’re trying to keep them from getting into their comfort zones, and they seem to get there with ease in the first half. We did a better job in the second half, but we also have to understand that’s how this series is going to go. Hopefully they don’t get 75 points between them in Game 2, but they might. That’s how good they are. So we’ve just got to keep trying to make it hard on them and do the best we can.

Q. Not just the five blocks, but Draymond twice had the hand-to-hand basically with the block. Is there an extra boost of energy the way the crowd reacts? I don’t know if the bench reacts as well, but it feels different than when the ball is in air and a guy swats it out?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, yeah. Well, when you get that block at the apex of the rim, of the player’s elevation and he’s right at the rim, you get a block like that, it energized everybody. I thought our fans were fantastic. Our players were fired up, and Draymond made a couple of just huge plays there.

Q. When you’ve got opponent guards going like that, do you want Steph and Klay to feel a challenge or do you want them to resist trying to answer every basket? What was that give-and-take like with the other two guys?
STEVE KERR: I don’t really — if I had seen Steph and Klay trying to respond taking bad shots because it turned it into an individual thing, I would have been disappointed. They didn’t do that though. I thought our guys stayed within the framework of what we were trying to do offensively. We just weren’t good enough defensively.

Q. Seemed like in the first half we were rushing a little bit, the shots were going too soon and plays were not set correctly. What would you do to change for the second game?
STEVE KERR: I think it was a case of first-game jitters. Maybe not jitters, we were just trying too hard. You see it all the time. Every team I’ve ever been on, first game of the Playoffs was always difficult. You’re more amped up, maybe you’re in a rush. I think we had ten turnovers in the middle of the second quarter. So we settled down and hopefully we’ll start getting better presence, better poise.

Q. For all your heroes tonight, I mean, a lot of guys played well. Kevin was still your leading scorer at 32. Is there any doubt in your mind that he’s all the way back now, and what did you think of his performance?
STEVE KERR: I thought he attacked at really important times of the game where we needed some aggression much we were settling for some jumpshots for much of the game. When he started to attack, I think that made a huge impact on the game. Yeah, he played 36 minutes, and had a great game. He looks like he’s back to me.

Q. JaVale McGee in that third quarter, did his contributions go beyond just the numbers? It seemed like it did.
STEVE KERR: Yeah, I mean, the force that he plays with, the speed that he runs the floor, the blocked shots, he had a couple of them, I think. It’s just he brings a different element to the game. We’ve kind of played center by committee all year long. We get something different from Zaza and JaVale and David, they’re each unique in their own games. And we need all three of them. I thought JaVale did what he he’s done all year for us. Given us a huge boost.

Warriors Forward Draymond Green

Q. What changed in the fourth quarter for you guys, and what does it say that you guys were able to overcome the game that their back court had and still get a win?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Well, I think it started with our crowd, the entire game, kept us in it, because those guys were hitting shots that usually drains the life out of the building. Our crowd brought it from the beginning to the end. So we were able to feed off that until we were able to get our ground.

Then it started with the energy of JaVale there in that third quarter. And though they made a run at the end to close it out, our energy transferred over. Then David came in, and he was huge. He was huge on those ball screens. Damian couldn’t get downhill anymore, CJ couldn’t get downhill anymore, and we were able to get a grip, and then we went on a 15-2 run.

Q. Draymond, you mentioned the fans and their support. It seemed like there were a lot of times tonight where they got more excited about I a block of yours than that play when the guys were diving on the floor than hitting the three-pointer. Do you notice and appreciate that as a player?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Absolutely. You notice and appreciate it for sure. That spurs us as well. You get a play like that, and the entire crowd goes nuts. One of the worst feelings is when you do this and no one stands up. But they were there every time for us. It gives us energy as well to continue to do it and do more. All of a sudden, we hit a shot, and they’re going crazy. We come back down and get another stop and they’re even louder. That helps us out a lot.

Q. What does it feel like either emotionally or physically when you get the block by putting your hand directly on the ball, when you block them right at the rim as opposed to when you swat it out of the air?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I mean, when you block it at the rim, it’s a little different because that’s one of those plays where you’re within a half inch to a centimeter of being dunked on. So when you actually come up with the block, you know, it’s a bit more excitement. When you’re coming across and you get a swat, that’s usually weakside. You come across the top and you get a swat on a guy.

But at the rim it’s mono-a-mono, man against man. Who is going to win the battle? It’s just a different type of emotion.

Q. The one on Damian in particular, did you hear anything?
DRAYMOND GREEN: No, I didn’t. I didn’t hear anything.

Q. Your hand on the ball or his reaction or anything?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Oh, no. I heard the crowd. That’s about all I heard. Everything else pretty much that’s it.

Q. When it’s Durant and Curry coming out in the start of the second, start of the fourth and you’re in that lineup, do you know that has to be a defensive lineup?
DRAYMOND GREEN: 100%, and that was the whole thought about going behind that lineup for Coach Kerr. He said to me, he said the defensive intensity of this lineup could change the game for us. So we went to it earlier in the year when K.D. was still healthy and it started working for us and it was on the defensive end. Getting back to it at this point in the season, we knew the offense was there. We had 88 points at the end of the third quarter, but the problem was they had 88 points. So we knew we had to come out and get stops if we were ever going to pull away in that game and start that quarter off. That group did it, and then we were able to knock down some shots, but it started with our defense.

Q. Draymond, McCollum, and Lillard, in a game like this, is this where the teams just said, hey, it looks like they’re going to get theirs, we just have to shut everyone else down because the rest of the Trail Blazers were like 12 of 39 from the floor? Was this one of those games where you just let them roll and make sure nobody else?
DRAYMOND GREEN: No, you don’t let them roll because they can beat you. You’ve got to give them a lot of credit. They’ve got it going. When they get it going like that, they’re two of the toughest guys in the league to stop.

You know, but at some point we knew that we had to make a defensive stand and that we would get some stops. It started there in the beginning of that fourth quarter. All of a sudden, they weren’t getting a bunch of easy stuff.

Then, I mean, quite frankly, they were hitting some tough shots in the first half as well. Damian hit a bunch of floaters. CJ hit tough fadeaways and tough threes over contested hands. But we knew at some point you have to make them miss. You can do all you want and say oh, man, I got a great contest and he hit a tough shot, but at some point we have to make them miss. And we know if we continue to play tough defense like that on them and make them take tough shots for the entire 48 minutes, eventually they’ll wear down a little bit and miss a couple.

Q. Steve talked last week how you’re a guy who really needs stakes and the last few season games there weren’t stakes. How anxious were you to get started in the Playoffs for this moment?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Very anxious. As I said, when you’re out there playing for the last few games, there was no disrespect to anyone. They just felt like pre-season games. You’re not playing are for anything. You’re just out there trying to get through. It’s tough to get going for that. But to start these Playoffs was very exciting. We know we have a tough team coming in here, a team that, quite frankly, probably shouldn’t be the eight seed, but they had some bumps in the road early on in the season and that’s why they’re where they are.

We know it’s not their typical 1-8, and where you don’t have to play your best to win the games. We have to put great effort out there to win the games. It’s very exciting to get into this game and get the playoff basketball back. It’s a completely different season and completely different basketball out there. I’ve been looking forward to it for a couple weeks now.

Q. Was there any extra yapping going? It looked like maybe you and McCollum and Lillard and maybe another couple guys were getting into it. And did McCollum specifically say something to you after you missed that huge dunk attempt? Looked like he was gesturing to you a little bit?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Yeah, he told me I need to do more calf raises (laughing). No, we were talking back and forth the entire game, but that’s just a part of the game. It’s mutual respect both ways. We’ve played those guys last year in the series, but quite a bit over the last four or 5 years where you kind of know them, they know you.

But we all know each other off the floor as well. It’s not like there’s anyone out there being disrespectful towards another. It’s fun. You hit a shot, he’s talking to us. I hit a shot, I’m talking to them. I miss the dunk, he’s telling me I need to do calf raises. It was good back and forth, it makes the game a lot more fun, that’s for sure.

Warriors Guard Stephen Curry & Forward Kevin Durant

Q. Steph, this is both for you and K.D. You guys were both on the bench to start the fourth quarter when your teammates went on a 15-2 run. What did you guys see and how was the reaction on the bench just watching it?
STEPHEN CURRY: Everybody that steps on the floor is going to have an impact on the game. And that unit that’s out there, that was out there to start the fourth quarter with D. West, Draymond, Klay, Andre and Ian, they hang their hats on the defensive end to try to create momentum and they did that, got the crowd into it and we were off to the races the rest of the quarter. So got to do it by committee at times, and they did that.

Q. Steph, you know how much fire power they have, McCollum and Lillard. What’s it like when they’re scoring like that? Obviously they’re making some tough shots. Do you have to resist trying to answer it back or do you say I want to answer it back? What’s the energy like when those guys are attacking you like that?
STEPHEN CURRY: They’re talented players, so they’re going to make some tough shots. They’re going to try to force the issue, and you’ve just got to stay solid. Understand that it’s a long game, and you try to wear them down. But it doesn’t affect how we play on the other end. We know how we execute what our bread and butter is at the other end of the floor, and we’ve got to rely on that and not to get into that one-on-one battle at all. We’ve still got to stay aggressive and just try to make plays. Over the course of the series, that will show.

Q. You had the three warm-up games heading into the Playoffs and played a game tonight. Did you feel 100% not only physically but in terms of 100% into the rhythm of the game? I mean, is it feeling natural and comfortable for you now?
KEVIN DURANT: First I want to send my condolences to the Thomas family. Tragic news about Ed Thomas’s sister. We’re all praying for him. The NBA family is behind him. So I want to send my condolences out to the family.

But as far as my rhythm, it felt good. Playoff intensity was — the game ratchets up when you get into the Playoffs, so it definitely felt good out there. I didn’t worry about me not playing 20 games in the regular season. I just tried to go out there and be me. Physically I felt great. I felt the flow of the game. I knocked down some shots, and, yeah, so it felt great. I’m glad we got a tough W.

Q. McCollum and Lillard combined for 75 points at 109. So the rest of the team only scores 34. How critical was the fact that you guys were able to keep everybody else off the score sheet, basically?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, that’s definitely a key to have everybody on a string. When they got it going, they’re hitting tough shots in the first half, some of them you’ve just got to live with. We played great defense and they were just able to finish. But as we talked about, over the course of 48, you just try to wear them down. Maybe when you get the ball in your hands, everybody’s rotating, flying around.

The way that Draymond protected the rim tonight was amazing. The way JaVale and D. West came in and impacted the game on the defensive end, that showed especially in that fourth quarter. So you can’t get discouraged when they hit tough shots. But everything else around it has to be kind of flawless for us on the defensive end, and we figured it out.

Q. K.D., during the third quarter you had the trainer check on your back or feet. Is there something new or something concerning?
KEVIN DURANT: No, I’m cool.

Q. Every defensive stop is valuable, but Kevin when Draymond or JaVale comes up with a big block, what does that do for you and for the team?
KEVIN DURANT: I mean it’s huge for us. Especially at home, the crowd feeds off of it, we feed off of it. When we get out in transition, that’s when we’re best. And JaVale, and Draymond, and D. West, like Steph said, we’re grateful of protecting that rim, and being up on the pick-and-rolls, especially in the second half. We’re going to need that for the rest of the series.

These guys are tough to guard, and the bigs, they’re key especially when they run so many pick-and-rolls, and pin downs and flairs. It’s good that we’ve got veteran guys who know how to play, but also are really good at communicating. So we’re going to need everybody on the defensive end, like you said, on a string, and we’ll be fine.

Q. Kevin, has it gotten to the point now where mentally and physically you’re not thinking much about your injury?
KEVIN DURANT: No, I’m good. I felt great. Coming into the game, all game I felt good. I just tried to lock in on what we need to do with the game plan and just try to execute it. That’s my main concern.

Q. What was it like playing in your first game with the Warriors after so many years playing with OKC? What was that like getting that first game out of the way, because you still have a long road ahead.
KEVIN DURANT: Well, it’s like any game in the first round, I just try to worry about my match-up and worry about how I’m going to be aggressive within the offense. Just helping the guys out. So just following the game plan and everything else. You know, it’s just a basketball game to me. So didn’t feel any different. I just tried to lock in on what I needed to do to help the team win.

Q. Steph, what changed in the fourth quarter?
STEPHEN CURRY: In the fourth quarter, that unit that was out there to start the quarter got a lot of stops and got the crowd into it, got the momentum back on our side. Then after that down the stretch, K.D. made some amazing plays in iso situations, putting the pressure on the rim.

Obviously Draymond made a couple spectacular blocks, and we just controlled the tempo down the stretch. Kind of just played our game and stayed composed on every possession pretty much and won the game.

Q. Kevin, needed a couple buckets, you went to the post. How comfortable are you in that situation that we need a bucket, I’m just going to go get it, even though you guys do play a movement offense? Is that something like I always have that in my back pocket?
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, I mean, we like to move the ball. We like to have not a lot of off the ball movement as well, and we don’t like to hold. But if you’ve got that in your back pocket, that’s always good to go to, I think. Not just me, Steph can get a basket whenever he wants. And I think having us two to create, whether it’s a score or to get somebody else open, it’s good to have when it’s kind of bogged down with the physicality of the game, the movement off the ball.

It’s hard to get free looks, especially in the Playoffs all game. So to sort of mix it up a little bit was definitely good for us. So whenever coach calls my number, I just try to be aggressive. He tells me to put my head down and try to score, and I’ve got to look to the coach.

Trail Blazers Head Coach Terry Stotts

Q. Coach, I know Lillard and McCollum had to do the heavy lifting a lot in this game. I know you don’t expect them to do that. The rest of the team was 12 for 39 from the floor, which is not bad as far as shots, but I know you’re looking for better offensive production for the rest of the group?
TERRY STOTTS: Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t understand. I mean, was there a question?

Q. Yeah, were you looking for other people to step up?
TERRY STOTTS: Yeah, it’s going to take a team to beat them. Damian and CJ are talented scorers and they both had great offensive nights. I mean, CJ in the first half was outstanding. But we need everybody. Guys have to be ready to make shots. They’re a good help defensive team, so when the ball is swung out, they’ve got to be able to take advantage of those opportunities. But, yeah, Damian and CJ, if they get 80 between them, we still need to score another 40 or 50 somewhere.

Q. Coach, where did it get away from you in the fourth quarter?
TERRY STOTTS: They were very aggressive. Obviously we didn’t shoot the ball well. We had six turnovers in the fourth. Draymond had an impact on the game at the rim and in the paint. They got more aggressive on the ball with the trapping pick-and-rolls a little bit more. So, I mean in a quarter if you have six turnovers and shoot 30% in the quarter, it’s going to be rough. It’s a credit to their defense, and we’ve got to be able to handle that a little bit better.

Q. Damian and CJ were very good in the second half, but they weren’t quite on fire like the first half. I’m wondering, did they just cool off a little bit or did the Warriors do some things defensively to start to take that away?
TERRY STOTTS: I don’t know. I thought the Warriors were a little bit more aggressive in the fourth quarter, in particular. That would probably be the main thing. I’m not sure that other than that it seemed like they were trapping the pick-and-rolls. But they tried to trap them in the first half as well. First half you don’t expect having 27 or whatever CJ had in the half. I mean, that’s an outstanding half. But I thought they were a little more aggressive individually, and obviously Draymond had an impact in the paint.

Q. You mentioned Draymond, how much of it was just good offense and he just blew up the play at the end? He seemed to have a couple dunks and he just kind of tossed them away.
TERRY STOTTS: His strength as a defender is as a help defender, and we’ve talked about that. He has the ability to bother shots and block shots. He’s quick reacting, and the thing with him is that if you beat somebody off the dribble, he’s going to be there, and that’s where whoever the penetrator is, Damian, CJ, whoever it is, has to recognize that and the other guys have to be ready to make shots if it’s kicked out.

Q. How demoralizing is it that your back court could have so much production and still lose a game? Should I look at it the opposite way?
TERRY STOTTS: You should look at it the opposite way. I don’t think it’s demoralizing that we competed extremely well for three quarters. It takes four quarters to beat a great team. If anything, it showed that when we play at this level, that we can play them and we can beat them. I wouldn’t call it demoralizing. Certainly it’s disappointing to lose the game. You go into the fourth quarter tied, but it’s a tough place to play, and I think that, if anything, it shows that the prospects are good. I think that we found ways to score. We just have to manage to score for four quarters. So, no, not demoralizing at all.

Q. Coach, what is the emotion like in the locker room after the game? Because is it more positive or like a little bit of frustration in there?
TERRY STOTTS: Probably both. I mean, certainly losing is disappointing, but the thing about a series, you learn from one game and move on to the next. So there is the disappointment of losing, but certainly we’ve got to take away from whatever we take away from this game, and be ready for Wednesday and be ready to play.

But in a series you can’t get too high or too low. You’ve got to learn from that game, whatever, through a win or loss, and then move on. It’s not one way or the other, it’s just we’ve got to get better.

Q. Is there a chance that we see Nurkic this series?

Q. Next game?
TERRY STOTTS: That’s to be determined.

Q. You did face the Warriors last year too. Do you think this version is even more powerful with Durant? What do you think?
TERRY STOTTS: I don’t know if more powerful is the right word. Certainly they may be a better team. Ultimately, for them their criteria is whether they win a championship or not. But I think their ability to score this year with Durant has taken a load off of some of the other guys. Last year was a different team.

They won 73 games and were up 3-1 in The Finals, so I don’t want to discredit anything last year’s team did. But this team will make its mark in the Playoffs, and certainly with Durant it’s a different dimension than last year.

Trail Blazers Guards C.J. McCollum & Damian Lillard

Q. You guys had that massive first half. What did the Warriors do in the second half to make things more difficult for you?
CJ McCOLLUM: I think defensively they stepped up the pressure. Had a couple offensive rebounds, and their 15-2 run they had the kickout threes and the and one, and Ian Clark got a putback. They did a good job. They protected their homecourt. Took advantage of some plays, some turnovers, some run-outs. I think that was the difference.

Q. Question for either of you gentlemen, how much do you think it’s going to come down to someone else being able to step up? As well as you guys played had maybe a third member of your team picked up the load for you guys a little bit?
DAMIAN LILLARD: I think that’s going to be huge. I thought myself and CJ played good games tonight, and I thought as a group we really defended well. Guys were communicating and playing physical. I thought we executed our scouting report on the defensive end, and I thought guys stepped up as well on the offensive end.

Evan Turner had a good game. I felt like Mo played a good game. But it’s a matter of us two making more of those plays. Hitting guys on the weak side and giving them more opportunity. I think to beat the Warriors, we’re going to have to maybe make that extra pass more often and be able to depend on guys more often to allow them to have that type of success so we can actually beat them.

You know, we have a huge game, and I think that gives us an opportunity to stay in the game. But to get over that hump and beat them, we’ve got to make those plays and give guys more opportunities so we can have them as well on the offensive end.

Q. Couple players in your locker room suggested the Warriors were maybe a little more physical in the second half. Did that change at all? Did the game get more physical do you think in the second half at all?
DAMIAN LILLARD: Yeah, I thought they played more physical on the defensive end. In the Playoffs, the more aggressive team, they’re going to win more times than not. They’re going to get the benefit of the doubt on the whistle. And there were some plays where they did one thing on defense and got away with it, and we did the same thing and didn’t get away with it. I think that was because we weren’t as aggressive as they were to start the half. It worked in their favor.

So they definitely turned up the physicality and their intensity on that end of the floor.

Q. CJ, how were you able to get off to such a great start tonight? I know you guys have talked a lot throughout the season of taking turns and letting one guy go when he’s really on, so how were you able to get off to such a great start? Was that something you set your mind to? And also for both of you, the trash talk tonight. Draymond had mentioned, CJ, you told him to do some calf raises. Just the nature of the discussion on the court tonight?
CJ McCOLLUM: Yeah, he does need to do some calf raises so he can dunk. But I think we did a good job as a team moving the ball. Dave set some great screens for me out there so I was able to get to the freethrow line early. Dam hit me with some (inaudible), and I just tried to be aggressive on the trap.

I had a little mini vacation at the end of the season where I was able to not play in some games and just work out and work on some certain spots and just lift. Take advantage of those rest days. Knowing when to come out, be aggressive and play hard ask give ourselves a chance.

Yeah, it’s a game. It’s a game we all love. We come out here, represent our teams, representing our hometowns where everybody’s from. And where I’m from, if you talk trash, then I’m going to talk trash to you. It’s not disrespectful. We’re not talking about nobody’s mamas or nothing bad.

But I’ve known Draymond Green since he was at Michigan State. He was a little chubbier than at Michigan State. He’s done really well with himself. He’s worked hard. If I have something I want to say, I’m going to say it. (Indiscernible).

Q. Damian, what’s it like playing against Draymond Green? Does his trash talking and play raise the level of the game or is it just business as usual playing against him?
DAMIAN LILLARD: I mean, I think having a guy like that on the floor, I think it raises the level of the game. Because I don’t even talk trash, and he was saying so much out there that I had a whole lot to say tonight. I think that’s just good for the game.

I think the league has softened up a lot, and it’s not like that. So you’ve got to have a rough guy like him out there. I think it’s necessary. I think their team depends on him to be had that dog out there and to be that person.

For me, it’s just going to make me raise the level of my game because I take it as a challenge. Also, like CJ said, I’m going to take exception to it, and I’m going to say something back. That’s what it’s going to be, as long as that’s how he’s approaching it, it’s going to be coming right back.

Q. CJ, when they made their run early fourth quarter, they had a couple plays like diving for that loose ball on the floor and Draymond recovering for a block. Did you feel like they were making the hustle plays during that stint? As the underdog, is that a key for you guys to not let that happen?
DAMIAN LILLARD: I mean, we had guys on the floor too, multiple guys.

CJ McCOLLUM: Our guys ended up with the ball too. It’s what happens in the game. They were fortunate they got some good rolls some good bounces. They got one that ricochetted off JaVale McGee. That happens sometimes and we have to prevent that. (Inaudible) and not give up. Our guys brought it and played as hard as they could.

Q. How much more difficult is it having Kevin Durant at their offensive attack? Maybe you can shut down Curry and Thompson for a while and all of a sudden here comes K.D. at the end of the game hitting some pretty dagger shots?
DAMIAN LILLARD: I mean, he makes up the difference for them. I think you try to hold Klay and Steph down, make them take tough shots and make the game harder for them, and you know you’re in a close game and you’re going back and forth. Then you add Kevin Durant, guys who has been an MVP in this league, and that’s a hell of an option to have, especially in a game like tonight.

Even the shots that he made, I thought guys defended him well. He made contested pull up jumpers. But that’s why he is who he is.

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