Warriors vs. Jazz Postgame Quotes – Game 2 – May 4, 2017

Warriors Acting Head Coach Mike Brown

Q. Steve had made the point after the first game of the Playoffs that every now and then it’s good to kind of get a little bit of a shove from the opponent, to not just win handily all the time. Did you get that feeling tonight that for the first time in a while you guys had to play deep into the fourth quarter and maybe that’s a good thing?
MIKE BROWN: Yeah, no, it’s a good thing. Anytime we have to figure things out as the course of the game goes on, especially late, we like that challenge. But in the same breath, too, there are a lot of good teaching points we can make throughout the course of the game where we feel like we can be better as a unit.

Q. I might argue an opposite point, it was a closer game but you’re winning pretty easily. What are your thoughts on keeping the team motivated and focused having not been tested yet in the Playoffs?
MIKE BROWN: I’m going to switch seats with you next game. Then you let me know that you thought that was easy (laughing).

You know, it wasn’t easy. We felt it. We know we can play better. We broke down in a lot of areas where we should have been better. But in the same breath, too, yes, we did some nice things. We had 33 assists. We held them to five offensive rebounds. And then at the end of the day, we got the W.

But some of our guys hit big shots to keep stretching the lead once they pulled within a few points. So I give our guys credit. They hung in there. They found a way to win. Anytime Utah went on a little run, they figured out how to stretch it just enough again to sustain it for a while until Utah went on another run.

But that was a tough game for us. What it shows us is that, you know, Utah has some confidence and they’re going to be even more confident playing at home in front of their crowd.

Q. They closed the gap there early in the third quarter, and you went quickly to Iguodala in the small lineup. Was that part of a scenario you planned out, or was that just a reaction to what was going on? Obviously you went on a run there after they did that.
MIKE BROWN: We’ve done that before in the past. When we feel like we need to play faster and kind of scramble defensively. And I thought that Zaza played fine. It wasn’t him. Our pace overall as a unit was not good, whether they scored, or they missed shots or we got turnovers, we weren’t getting out and running and putting pressure on them.

What Andre does very well, especially if he gets the outlet or gets the rebound, he’s pushing that thing every time. Then a couple times you could see when he got in the game, he showed the length, he filled the wing. Whether he got a bucket or not, he created opportunities for others down the floor.

You saw what Utah was doing. Every time we got out on the break, they were fouling us and to stop our breaks. So I threw him out there to try to push the pace, but also knowing that they were going to continue to foul us and hopefully that would put us in the bonus a little sooner than later.

Q. How scary was the Draymond knee thing that happened late in the game? Is there any update? Is there concern at all moving forward?
MIKE BROWN: Yeah, any time any of our guys go down it’s a concern. A guy like Draymond does so much for us on both ends of the floor, and he very seldom goes down. So when he did, you think that initially it’s got to be serious. But I went over and asked him if he was all right, and right away he said yes. I don’t know if he saw me, but I went over and huddled with my coaches pretty quickly after that because I knew he was all right.

Q. Draymond, his early shooting, getting that established from three-point range, how much did that open things up and keep them honest defensively with how you guys were shooting?
MIKE BROWN: He was big. Draymond’s at the top of the floor quite a bit. Obviously their game plan is to have whoever’s guarding Draymond sit in the lane. So he’s getting wide-open threes and, knock on wood, hopefully he’ll keep shooting the ball the way he’s been shooting it throughout the Playoffs and make them pay.

But he had great looks. They were not just looks when he came up and shot it without a pass, but the ball moved a little bit and found him at the top of the floor. He stepped in and shot it with confidence. So it was good for us.

Q. Back to the 33 assists that you had mentioned. Four of your starters, Durant, Green, Thompson and Curry, Iguodala coming off the bench, they total for 30 of those assists. Passing the ball around is one thing, but these guys are looking to hit those guys with the basket. Could you talk a little bit about that?
MIKE BROWN: Our guys have been unselfish at least the entire time that I’ve been here. I know watching them from afar, they always seem like an unselfish group. A lot of times I feel like they’d rather make the pass than make the shot at the end of the day for most of our guys.

When you have guys that are as talented as these guys are in terms of being able to pass, dribble and shoot, but all three-dimensional players makes the game easy for each of us. We preach to our guys offensively, keep the game simple, keep the game simple, especially offensively. We got a little cute there at the end of the game with 17 turnovers so that hurt us.

But it’s part of it, to a certain degree, when you’re moving in as much as we are. So applaud our guys for 33 assists.

Q. In the regular season you guys had a tendency to sometimes ease up a little bit when you got a big early lead and that kind of happened tonight. How do you rectify that going forward? What is the key to changing that?
MIKE BROWN: You just keep coaching them. Our guys are very smart. They know how the flow of the game went. I think to a man they know that we can play better. There is no secret formula to it. We’ve just got to keep preaching to our guys, keep it simple, and they have to keep understanding no matter what the score is, that’s how we have to play the game. If we do, with the shooting and scoring ability that we have, we can always stretch the lead.

Q. How do you describe Draymond’s big impact since the Playoffs started?
MIKE BROWN: Like I said a few minutes ago, he’s been shooting the ball very well. Most teams so far, once we got the ball moving a little bit, Draymond turns away, and then he pops back to the top of the floor. Most times whoever is guarding him is all the way down the floor. So when that ball finds him after the third, fourth pass up at the top of the key, he’s wide open and he’s been knocking that shot down.

So if he’s open, he’s got to continue to shoot it. He’s rebounded like the dickens. He’s come up with some huge rebounds for us to start our break. Then defensively he’s been a monster. He’s all over the place. He’s helping at the rim. He’s getting back out, contesting shots, he’s switching on the smaller players. He’s been a force for us defensively throughout the Playoffs. So I’m impressed and pleased with the way he’s playing.

Q. Durant looked like he was passing it well on the free throw attempts, how big are those things for him?
MIKE BROWN: The free throw attempts are huge. We obviously have a great jump shooting team, and we don’t necessarily go into the post a lot for physical work, so K.D.’s a guy that can shoot threes or shoot a pull-up from time to time. But thing we like about him is when he does attack, he’s capable of finishing, a lot of times not only the basket, but with an and one.

We’ve told him, Steve’s told him from day one, K.D., you have to help us increase our free throw attempts because we know he can get fouls going to the rim. He did a heck of a job of that tonight with the 15 free throw attempts.

Q. Follow up about K.D. He’s one of those guys you talked about when things got close he made the playoff. I’m thinking of 7:58, he got a rebound, went coast to coast and dunked. Next time down, Iguodala feeds him and he comes down the lane with that big dunk, is that something you think he just does on his own? Do you encourage him to do that? Is it a full sign that he’s just completely back? You don’t have to limit him on everything? Or did you have any doubts about that?
MIKE BROWN: No doubts about K.D. We don’t have to limit him minute-wise at any time. He’s back all the way. Yes, there are things that he can do out on the floor that can take some of the pressure off of Klay and Steph, especially down the stretch in tight ballgames. He’s capable of doing everything that you just said. Not only that, we can post him if we want to. We did after Steph and K.D. played pick-and-roll there was a smaller guy on K.D. late in the game. They had to go double team. Andre being Andre made the right cut, and K.D. sees over the top of the double team. Next thing you know, we get a dunk, and that’s all predicated because K.D.’s 6’11”, 7′, and he’s in a nice attack area, but he can see over most double teams.

Warriors Guard Stephen Curry

Q. Steph, is this what you’re expecting out of the Jazz? It seems like you’re about to put them away and then they just won’t go away. They just kind of hang. Is that what you expect out of this team?
STEPHEN CURRY: They’re a great team. You have to expect certain mini runs and a fight out of them. Obviously we’d love to take a 15-point lead and turn it into 20, 25, but they’re not going to quit. Some of the things they were really aggressive making tough shots. But for the most part I think probably three, four, maybe five possessions where we just lost focus, lost track of our men in transition, turned the ball over, gave them easy buckets and just let go of the rope just a little bit. But we found a way to fight back and keep them at bay for the most part. It’s going to be even tougher once we go to Utah, so we’ve just got to stick with the program and try to play as complete a 48-minute game as we can.

Q. Does it feel like they’re trying to foul the ball at times for Draymond from three? When he’s hitting threes, what can opposing defenses really do?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, it’s tough because we’ve been doing a good job of trying to drive and kick. They’re a great defensive team, and great defensive teams usually collapse in the paint and help. When you do that, they obviously know, take away Klay, take away K.D. or me on the wing and whatnot. And Draymond obviously is a more than capable three-point shooter. He’s confident stepping into it. We love that shot. So, you know, it gives us a huge lift. And if that jumper travels when we go to Utah, those shots will be open, and we love him taking those.

Q. For you guys to win the rebounding battle after Game 1 you didn’t, how important was it? You did get some offensive boards that were helpful?
STEPHEN CURRY: They were timely ones. Tried to stop some of the runs and give us an opportunity to just get the momentum back on our side. Yeah, I think anytime we give ourselves extra possessions, we should be in good shape to try to finish those. The key for us is to turn that 17 turnovers into hopefully maybe single digits, and 10, 12 at the most. On top of the rebounding situation, we should be in good shape.

Q. When you look at those turnovers, in your mind was it what you were doing wrong or what they were doing right?
STEPHEN CURRY: I don’t know. All 17, I’d have to look at the film and see, but there were probably five I can remember off the top of my head where we got too deep in the paint trying to sling some pass across court, and they’re obviously a long, athletic team, so they can pounce on those passes and jump the line. Some of them were just a little careless.

But the film will tell us that, and I’m sure Coach Brown and Coach Kerr will clip those up real nice for us tomorrow.

Q. Did you like Mike Brown using the lineups there in the third quarter to get things going?
STEPHEN CURRY: He made an adjustment to try to get the pace back up. That’s usually our bread and butter so we can turn stops into transition buckets. Even if they score, just still push the pace and get the ball moving a little bit. That definitely helped, for sure.

Q. Steph, what was your reaction when you saw Draymond go down? Also, he’s playing at a really high level and he seems to be playing with a lot of discipline, and I’m wondering if you sense that about him, and if you feel like he’s just playing at a different level than he did maybe last year in the Playoffs?
STEPHEN CURRY: Obviously, you’re concerned anytime you see somebody go down on their back and trying to figure out what’s going on. You give them their moment to collect themselves, and our training staff did a good job of just trying to make sure they knew what was going on. He was obviously able to come back, and thankfully, and hopefully he’ll be ready for Game 3.

But he’s locked in on both sides of the ball, especially defensively, understanding his value on that end of the floor. And his versatility, you add in the three-point game and his playmaking ability, he’s doing a lot right now. So he understands the moment, like we all do. Any time you’re out there on the floor trying to make an impact, and he’s giving us a lot of energy and we need it.

Q. Any level of concern as far as like you guys have gotten off to big leads against the Jazz, and both games have gotten within seven and six points respectively. Any concern there at all, even though you guys have won both games?
STEPHEN CURRY: No, we’re not concerned. We understand we have to play better on the road to get a win in Game 3, and no lead — you can’t just relax once you get a lead. You have to finish out the game, finish out quarters, finish out possessions, not lose focus at all and just keep your foot on the gas pedal.

But this is the Playoffs. You’re not going to blow a team out every night. It’s going to be a dog fight until the end. I think our body language was, at times, a little down just when they made a run, but we snapped out of it pretty quick in the huddle and the timeouts understanding what the moment was. That showed how we were able to bounce back and take control of the game at different points. So the key for us going into Game 3, obviously, they’re going to have their crowd behind them, and if we can come out like we did in those last two games early and take them out of it the best we can and sustain it, we should be in great shape.

Q. You got your mouthpiece knocked out there, is that the first time you’ve kind of had to play a little bit of time without your mouthpiece in there? Was that weird at all?
STEPHEN CURRY: No, it’s happened before. I was actually trying to talk and spit it out.

Q. On the baseline?
STEPHEN CURRY: Yeah. Our equipment manager picked it up. But I do feel weird without it.

Q. You made a three with it, though?

Q. Yeah.
STEPHEN CURRY: Maybe I should get rid of it.

Q. Also, I’m sorry, they put Ingles on you in this game. Does that change any of the dynamics for you? Was that different having a bigger body on you like that?
STEPHEN CURRY: No, teams do that all the time and try to shrink the floor a little bit for me. That just changed your perspective on just trying to get by them, get in the paint, make plays and it just opens up different options for me. You’ve got to lock in on what those are and use it to your advantage.

Warriors Forward Kevin Durant

Q. 15 free throw attempts for you tonight, was it hard to get to the line?
KEVIN DURANT: I was just playing. I think 11 rebounds is more of a telling stat, you know, getting the ball off the glass, trying to push and get some opportunities for my team. I was able to get someone on one situations and transition to get to the free-throw line. So continue to be aggressive and keep playing with an offense. It’s a good all around win for us.

Q. Was that about the best you think you’ve played with that small lineup once Andre came in early in the third quarter? You went on that run. Was that about the best you’ve felt you guys all together fit?
KEVIN DURANT: I haven’t really thought about that. We played well. I think we did a good job of communicating on defense. We got out and we rebounded. I think that’s the biggest thing with that group is that we’re so small. We all got to help on rebound. I think we did a solid job on in that area.

Our crowd was great tonight. We fed off that energy. Defensively we were pretty good. They made some tough ones over us. Made too many threes, I think. But for the most part we did a good job of keeping our men in front and helping each other. So we’ve got to be even better out on the road in Utah. We know it’s going to be a hostile environment.

Q. Kevin, we’ve watched you over the course of the year, and we noticed you can be critical of yourself at times. Where did you look at yourself tonight? How do you feel you guys played? The game got close and you guys would expand it every single time. How do you break down this game?
KEVIN DURANT: It’s Game 2. They’re looking to steal one. First game doesn’t really matter at all. So we were going to come out with a different mindset, more energy, and that’s what they did, made shots tonight. They were aggressive on the defensive end. I think they did — it was them fouling a lot when they were trying to get out in transition to mess up our rhythm. So that was definitely just a different game.

But we’ve got to continue to be who we are. I think, like you said, when they kind of closed the lead down they did a good job of just being poised and making the correct play and getting stops. That’s just the name of the game. Especially in Game 2 when a team is desperate.

Q. Individually you are pretty good. I remember at the end of the regular season after you returned and after you played a few games, you said you still can play better and you still have room for improvement. Now after a few games in the Playoffs, do you mentally, physically feel 100% or still can become better?
KEVIN DURANT: I feel like I can be better. Physically I feel good. I’m still getting my legs under me a little bit. But I feel like I shot great shots tonight. I feel like if I get those same shots again, I like my chances with those. And I was aggressive. I just wanted to rebound and get to the free-throw line. I think I did a solid job tonight, but I think I can always be better. I think that’s what every player’s mindset is.

So I’m just going to watch film and see where I can help the team out even more, and just try to get a win in Game 3.

Q. There were two plays in this game that kind of shifted momentum towards your side. Both times it was in connection with Iggy. The first time he did the behind the back. You got the dunk. Then the last one you found him out of the double team for the lay-up. Can you talk about what those two plays meant?
KEVIN DURANT: They were big. He’s always — feels like he’s always in the right spot and always making those game-changing plays for us. It may not be a three or a dunk, but his deflections or keeping the ball inbounds or passing up a lay-up to get somebody else a shot, that goes a long way.

He just played so well with everybody. So he’s one of those guys we rely on just to bring energy and make winning plays. He continues to do that every single night. He’s been playing great for us. Me and him play. We have a nice connection as well.

So we just try to feed off of Dray, and he brings that energy for us off the bench. We definitely need it.

Q. How deflating are the Draymond Green threes when you think his game plan is to give him that and he hits four in the first quarter?
KEVIN DURANT: Well, he can shoot the ball, so it’s definitely, I’m sure, deflating for them when you’d rather give that up instead of Klay, myself and Steph. But he’s an All-Star. He can play. I know he’s a defensive player first, but he’s worked a lot on his game.

So we need him to continue to play this way, especially shooting that three-pointer. But more so than that, just his energy, his drive to the basket which were good tonight and his passes. We need them more than anything. But when he makes threes, that definitely helps us out.

Q. There was a sequence tonight, the score was 57-68, they kind of closed it in. You got a rebound, drove the length of the court and went down. It looked to some of us like you could do that every time if you wanted. Why did you choose to do it then? Do you think about doing it every time? Tell me about that play.
KEVIN DURANT: I was just trying to grab the rebound. We always preach pace, pace. I grab a rebound, and I know I can gallop up the floor a little faster than some other guys. I just try to use my length and my passing ability to make plays, and also my scoring ability to get to the rim and get fouled.

So I just try to be aggressive in those situations. I feel comfortable in the open court. But if I wanted to do that, I’ve got to rebound a little bit better. So that’s just how it is. That’s the name of the game for our team. We get the rebound, we all push and try to find each other in transition. So if I get the opportunities, I have to be aggressive.

Q. (No Microphone)?
KEVIN DURANT: If I’m going to rebound, yeah. Yeah, open court, like I said, I feel comfortable, and I’ve got to do a better job rebounding if I want to do it.

Warriors Forward Draymond Green

Q. Draymond, what was going through your mind when you went down initially? Was it a big sigh of relief when you found out, obviously, that you were going to be okay?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I knew my knee was just locking up a little bit. I had it before, a little tweak. It wasn’t like a huge sigh of relief, because I kind of knew what it was from the jump. But obviously it’s always good to know you’re okay.

Q. Before that you had been getting stretched, were they related? You were getting your hip stretched out?
DRAYMOND GREEN: No, when I stole the lob that they were trying to throw to Gordon Hayward, he kind of caught me on the hip. So that was two different things.

Q. Draymond, in this game you guys obviously got off to a great start. They kind of crept back in a couple times. In your mind, was this a good thing to have a game where you have to kind of keep pace and keep focused throughout?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Obviously, if you can blow it up when you want to do that, just put the game away. But I think we kind of lost our focus there a little bit. We turned the ball over. Had defensive breakdowns, just didn’t stay locked in. So we’ve got to do a better job of that, especially on the road. You’ve got to try to put the game away.

Q. What would you credit your surges in the three-point shooting ball?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Really just working with Travis Walton every day. For the last, I don’t know, since the beginning of April we’ve just been in the gym every single day. Getting a lot of extra shots up and just really seeing that ball go in the hoop every day and raising that confidence level. It’s been working for me.

Q. Do you feel particularly open in this matchup, like they’re purposely trying to funnel it to you?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Yeah, I feel particularly open in every game we play (laughing). So, yeah, I do. Pretty strong statement, particularly open, and that probably won’t change.

Q. Hayward it seems like when he gets going, that’s when his team really get out and they kind of build confidence. Going into Salt Lake City, what are you guys going to have to do to contain him? Because once he gets going, they get going?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think they made some tough shots. Guys contested well. He was just able to knock them down. He’s a great player. He was an All-Star for a reason. That team is where they are for a reason. You’re not going to just shut him down every night. But 33 points is a bit much. We want to try to keep him under that. But I think he had a lot of contested shots, so we have to keep trying to make him take tough shots.

Q. Draymond, did you like that adjustment of Andre coming in early third quarter there?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think it was good. I think we need to push the pace a little bit. We just had lost that fire, that push, and bringing Andre in, you know, we’re able to push the tempo a little bit and get it back on the offensive end. Got stops on the defensive end, and they worked. It was good for us.

Q. What do you expect the crowd to be like in Utah?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I expect it to be a hostile environment. It always is. They cheer pretty loud for their team, obviously, with a few things that went on this past week, it will probably be a bit hostile. But that’s fine.

Q. You said earlier your knee locked up before. Something you felt after those past times, were you sore the next few days and do you feel like it will effect you the next few days?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think I’ll be fine. I was able to catch it before it locked all the way up. So I think I’ll be fine. One time it happened when I was in college, and I outrebounded Michigan two days later, their whole team, so that was pretty good.

Jazz Head Coach Quin Snyder

Q. Coach, what went okay in the beginning of the third quarter that made you guys (No Microphone) a little bit?
QUIN SNYDER: I think the game has an ebb and a flow, and they blitzed us so strong early. Felt like we were just, you know, we had a little more of an edge, we were more aggressive. But that’s, you know, it’s a game of runs, and that happened to be one of our runs.

It wasn’t anything — well, there were a few things we talked about at halftime. I thought our execution was a little better offensively. They got better throughout the game. But with some of it with them, is they missed a couple and you’re able to make a couple and you catch up a little bit, but you have to sustain it.

Q. Quin, what was Gordon able to figure out there towards the end of the game? He finished with 33 points and got things together?
QUIN SNYDER: Yeah, I think he got more aggressive. His reads were better. Sometimes you’re not going to be open for very long, and if you’re waiting to be more open, you don’t get that opportunity. Especially against Draymond Green or Iguodala, guys like Klay Thompson, guys that are such good defenders, you’re not going to have big windows. You’ve got to take advantage of them. I thought he was more aggressive as the game went on, taking a shot and making quick decisions.

Q. You guys were able to force more turnovers than you did in Game 1. Is there anything you guys did differently or well in order to make that happen?
QUIN SNYDER: I’ll have to watch the tape. I thought we played with a little more desperation and urgency after the start. Usually that activity results in getting your hands on a few more balls. I think, too, when a team gets up on you, like they did, they get a little looser and we were able to make a few plays. But I did like our activity more. We were more aggressive.

Q. Coach, the Jazz haven’t had the lead in 96 minutes, but they’re not going away. You guys are still playing. Do you think getting back in Salt Lake City, getting back in your own environment is going to help out a lot?
QUIN SNYDER: Well, we can score the first basket, and that will give us the lead for about ten seconds the way they’re playing at the beginning of the game. So I think we have to start the game better. Hopefully we can do that at home, but I didn’t realize it during the entire two games. I don’t think that’s — we want to try to be ahead at the end, and against these guys, if you don’t start well, you’re climbing an uphill battle.

So hopefully, whether it’s in Salt Lake or here, we’ve got to be better at the start of games. And I think that means being more aggressive on offense. If you’re not, they really capitalize going the other way. So hopefully that will be the case.

Q. Coach, what was your thoughts on Shelvin Mack’s play tonight, having to step in and fill in for George?
QUIN SNYDER: I thought he competed. I thought, you know he was aggressive. He competed. You could see the effort and the intensity, and that’s all you want is a guy to go out and leave it out there and compete, and that’s what he did. So I don’t know what his numbers look like. That, to me, wasn’t — I didn’t think he played nervous. That’s asking a lot of a guy to come in in this situation, and I’m not looking at it like that. I expect him to be able to give a lot, and I think he did.

Q. You guys played at the slowest pace in the league during the regular season. Did you make more of an effort to push the pace in this game too?
QUIN SNYDER: Yeah, I think the opportunities that you have to take advantage of in the early part of possessions, if you don’t, you get up against the clock, and it just gets harder. I think their length does that to you, and they’re doing a lot of switching against us. So we need to play. I’ve said this before. We’re going to play at whatever pace that helps us win. And if that means playing faster, that’s what we’ll do. During the regular season, the way we play is really a reflection of our personnel. And tonight we needed to attack more, then usually that means you play a little bit faster. I just want us to get good shots.

Q. Coach, do you go back to Salt Lake city encouraged or discouraged by how your team played in these two games here?
QUIN SNYDER: We don’t want to rationalize being here because this is the first time we’ve been in this situation for a while. To me, I don’t want to be rationalizing in any way the fact that we’re here. The expectation is to try to win every game.

So, obviously, we haven’t won the first two, so you go home and there’s probably a little bit of both. You’re encouraged about some of the things you did. I wouldn’t use the word discouraged as much as we need to be more determined to play better in other aspects of the game.

Jazz Center Rudy Gobert & Forward Gordon Hayward

Q. Gordon, you and your teammates seemed to figure out something offensively tonight. Can you say what that was and what you take away going into Game 3?
GORDON HAYWARD: Yeah, I think after we got blitzed there in the first quarter and once we settled in and kind of figured it out a little bit and we figured out how to get into the paint and get some shots for ourselves, some better looks, our spacing was a lot better. We’re going to have to try to take that and move forward with it.

Q. Gordon or Rudy, do you take confidence in that when you have a double-digit deficit and end up making some sort of comeback, cutting the deficit to seven there in the fourth quarter?
RUDY GOBERT: I think we play with attitude when we get down, and we need to be from the beginning. You know, they have a lot of confidence and they make big runs and we need to stop these runs. I think we need to play angry from the first minute.

Q. Rudy, it seemed like you felt more comfortable out there. Is that something after Game 1 are you getting a little more comfortable with all these different looks our seeing?
RUDY GOBERT: First of all, I’m feeling better physically. I have two injuries last series, but I’m just feeling better. You kind of get used to it. You’re used to playing with these guys. So every game we try to get better, and I feel like I’m feeling better every game.

Q. Rudy, Quin pulled you to the bench for just a minute there in the third quarter. Kind of took you aside and told you something, what did you say at that point?
RUDY GOBERT: You know, he just wanted to tell me a little something, it was a quick adjustment and came back in the game.

Q. When you guys come back and cut that to six and they can just explode within a couple of minutes to stretch the lead back out to double digits, how much energy does that kind of take out of you? How demoralizing is that when they can score so quickly like that?
GORDON HAYWARD: Yeah, it’s definitely draining. I think it all stems from the way we came out of the gates, 33-15 in the first. You’re digging a big hole for yourself. We played well after that, but it’s hard. It’s hard to battle all the way back and then continue. You see that a lot in teams where you fight all the way back and you know you’re close, but you come up a little short, especially on the road, too, and with their fans and their energy.

So we’ve got to be better, like Rudy said from the get-go, and we have to make that adjustment.

Q. Gordon, how excited are you just to get back home and get ready to defend home court?
GORDON HAYWARD: Yeah, it seems like it’s been a while since we’ve been home. Just traveling for Game 7 and then coming straight here. So definitely excited to play in front of our fans. I know they’ll be excited to have us, and we’re going to need them. They’ll be really important for us. They always bring us a lot of energy, and it will be fun playing in front of our fans.

Q. Gordon, what did you see from your point guard tonight with George Hill out?
GORDON HAYWARD: I thought they did a good job. I thought all of them attacked, came out with energy, got into the lane, made some stuff happen. That’s what we need from them. We need them to come in with a lot of energy and just lay it all out there. And I think they did that tonight.

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