Vince Carter’s All-Time Best Slams

Well known globally for his epic throwdowns, Vince Carter has earned each of the nicknames given to him throughout his career.

Whether being referred to as Vinsanity, Air Canada or Half-Man, Half-Amazing, one thing is certain: few could dunk like VC.

With Carter having one of the most spectacular highlight reels to date, we’ve decided to narrow down his best slams with your help!

For the next seven weeks, you’ll be able find a video on both Kings Twitter and Facebook where you can cast a vote for your favorite and help choose which dunk should be crowned king.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled each week and take a look at the upcoming brackets below.

Round 1

Olympic Dunk vs. Alonzo Mourning Poster

Round 2

Alley-Oop (LA) vs Alley-Oop (MIL)

Round 3

Fastbreak Windmill vs Transition 360

Round 4

Dunk Contest Elbow In vs Dunk Contest Between-the-Legs

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