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Media Day came and went on Friday, marking the unofficial start of the Warriors’ 2017-18 season. Training camp tips off on Saturday, over the course of which Golden State will get themselves ready for their four upcoming preseason games, two of which will take place in China. Among their several duties on Media Day, presented by Kaiser Permanente, the players met with the media to discuss a wide variety of topics, including the team’s outlook for the season ahead, the newest additions to the roster and more. Check out some of the top quotes below to find out what each member of the Dubs had to say:

Bob Myers on the adjustments to the regular season schedule:

“The new schedule is great. We really like it. We’re starting earlier, partly because the season started earlier, but also because we’re going to China. But if you look at it, it’s markedly better than last year. If you look at our schedule last year, in the games we rested guys, it was somewhat predictive that that might be a game where we’d be extremely fatigued. You can’t really look at our schedule right now and see a stretch where you would say, ‘Well there’s no way we can play our guys.’ So that’s a huge positive.”

Steve Kerr on the benefits of maintaining roster continuity from last season (Watch Full Interview):

“It’s interesting. This year reminds me of two years ago, with the continuity, almost the exact roster coming back. Camp will be so much smoother this year than last year because all the guys we had to incorporate last year and teach in our system and our style and our culture, they know it. So we’re only adding a couple players, but having all of our vets, having all of those guys comfortable with what we’re doing already, along with the core group that’s been here the last few years, I expect that we’ll be able to get right into camp and make progress right away without having to build too much of the foundation. The foundation is already there.”

Patrick McCaw on Andre Iguodala re-signing:

“It’s great to have Andre back. Not only as a teammate, but as a big brother. He helps me out a lot, way beyond basketball, and it’s great to have him in my corner just supporting me and believing in my talents and things I can do. And it’s always great, man, to have someone like that that’s guiding me in the right direction, just for my career and for my future. So it’s huge.”

Andre Iguodala on what challenges lie ahead:

“I think mentally it’s really going to test us: How do we respond to, I wouldn’t say adversity, but just defending the championship again. There’s always a lot of noise surrounding us, and we have to continue to be resilient through the noise, because it can weigh on us sometimes.”

Draymond Green on how he views his role as a recruiter:

“I just love to win. Actually, I hate to lose. And hating to lose, you gotta find ways to get better. And helping recruit guys is one of the ways that you get better. So I don’t take it for granted…I need to know the guys I’m really going in the pits with. Who am I going out and battling with? Who am I around every day? I think that’s sometimes more important. I know that’s how I would look at it, like I said, if I was a guy being recruited.”

“One of the reasons I chose to go to Michigan State is because I loved the guys there and they recruited me. And so that kind of taught me a lesson dating back to high school. And I just kind of stick by it.”

Stephen Curry on if it’s going to be more of a challenge to get everyone involved:

“No. Because of the way we play, everybody touches the ball. Everybody is involved. Everybody should be a threat when they’re on the floor. And we just, with the high IQ guys we have on this team, we just find a way for it to blend and work…And guys that can put it on a floor, guys that can pass, guys that can knock down open shots, the more that you have on the floor the better off you are, I think. And we don’t have guys that are selfish at all, that are jealous of any other, anybody else’s success or going to create drama if they get five shots one game and 15 shots the next game. As long as we win.”

Zaza Pachulia on the differences between this season and last (Watch Full Interview):

“At the beginning of the season I was thinking a lot, watching a lot of film, trying to find the best fit for myself and help the team and getting to know my teammates and their strengths and the comfort zones…But this year I think we have a luxury and an opportunity to pay attention to the small details so we can move to the next level. We already know each other. We already know what to expect from each other. I already know my role. Even just to know [the media], know the personnel, not only the coaches but the front office people, everybody, just makes me so much more confident to be back and to come in every day and practice…So, two totally different kind of years and I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

Omri Casspi on what he’s looking forward to in his first season with Golden State:

“What I’m looking forward to is getting to know the guys and compete and play. Obviously playing against the Warriors for years now, I’m pretty familiar with their sets and what they run and how they run things. And the fact that they have what’s called freedom on the offensive end will help me to adjust much better. It’s pretty similar to the system — not completely similar, but similar to where we ran with George in Sacramento, and I feel like I have the ability to run and get good shots and do what I need to do. So I’m really excited. It’s a dream come true to play in that system and play with these guys and to be a part of this.”

Kevin Durant on the addition of Nick Young:

“I think his personality fits perfectly. Just being who he is, just a lot of energy, just a lot of excitement around, just playing for us. But on top of that Nick just always has that energy and excitement with him. It just feels that way every time I see him. So to be able to work with him every day is going to be a joy. And I know his game is going to translate, a guy that can shoot the ball, can score, create for everybody. I’m looking forward to going out there and getting better with him.”

Nick Young on his first impressions of Golden State:

“I think that the goal is winning. For me, just being here, it feels more like a family. They all get along. They all talk from top to bottom. I think that plays a major role on how they play on the court, too… It’s a family feel. They let you be you. You don’t have to worry about nothing else, just basketball.”

David West on why he came back for another year:

“I think this is one of the — this is a great basketball environment to be in…It’s not so much about the talent. It’s literally the energy that’s here and the ease and comfort that exists here and the willingness to want to come in and work every day and continue to get better. That’s unique. I think that’s what everybody sees and feels, particularly for a few of us who have been other places and know that it’s very rare to have an environment like this coupled with the success in the NBA.”

JaVale McGee on his first season as a member of the Warriors:

“I mean, it was definitely — I feel like they just embraced me. And they just accepted me for me and they figured out exactly what they needed me to do and I tried to fulfill that role to the best of my abilities. And I feel like I succeeded at that.”

Shaun Livingston on who are the team leaders:

“Oh, you start with Steph, just because, I mean, what he embodies, he is kind of the identity of our culture — superstar player, humble superstar, has allowed other guys to thrive. And then you probably go with Draymond [Green], just his, just him being vocal. And then Andre [Iguodala]. Those three guys they’ve been kind of our captains, they’ve kind of been our leaders. Draymond has been the vocal leader. Steph’s been kind of like the behind-the-scenes, kind of the hard work, doesn’t really say as much as Draymond, but he’s still our leader. Everybody knows he’s our best player and our guy. So I say those three guys for sure.”

Klay Thompson on his personal goal for the upcoming season:

“For me, this year I’m just trying to be more efficient. I could always be more efficient. And I know Steph and KD have hit the 50/40/90 mark. So I’d like to join the club with them. That would be sweet.”

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