Top 67 GIFs of the 2016-17 Season

The Dubs’ 2016-17 season was packed with big moments — from career-highs, to franchise records, to making NBA history time and time again. With these moments come priceless reactions from players and fans that are simply too good not to share.

Record Nights from the Splash Brothers

In case you missed it earlier this season, Stephen Curry broke his own record of 3-pointers made in a regular season game, draining 13 shots from beyond the arc as the Dubs went on the beat the Pelicans.

A month later, and in less than 30 minutes of play off 11 dribbles, Klay Thompson dropped a career-high 60 points against the Pacers on December 5, 2016, becoming one of four players in franchise history to score 60+ points in a game.

On-Court Antics

Someimes the shots don’t count, other times we can’t believe what we just saw, but Dub Nation can expect the best from the squad all the time.

Flex On Em

Whether it was an unbelieveable slam dunk or a game-saving steal, the Dubs have had plenty of reasons to show off their strength this season.

Bench Is Here For It

Always there to support and cheer on their teammates, some of the best reactions of the season come off the bench.

Dancing Dubs

Whether you’re participating or watching, everybody loves a good dance party.

Never A Dull Moment

Laugh It Off

Through the triumphs and the fumbles the Dubs always manage to keep a smile on.

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