Timberwolves "1 Program" Gives Two Employees Incredible Trip To Summer League

For the second straight season, the Minnesota Timberwolves and their 1 Program sent two employees to Las Vegas to take in Summer League action.

The two lucky Timberwolves employees to win the trip this summer were Chris Palaia, a Membership Account Manager, and Linda Carter, a member of the Target Center Game Night Staff.

But to say these two were “lucky” isn’t exactly accurate. Both Palaia and Carter received five or more “1 Moment” recognitions, qualifying them for the trip.

“This trip is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the success of our 1 program and creating extraordinary memories for our fans this past season. I am looking forward to being a part of the program again next season and continuing to be a part of the friendliest building in sports!” Palaia said.

As cliché as it sounds, this “friendliest building in sports” saying isn’t just something that’s vocalized (although it is, a lot) among those working Timberwolves games. It’s become a mindset night in and night out. This is perfectly exemplified in the 1 Program.

“I have truly enjoyed being a part of the Target Center staff and working with (Vice President of Fan Experience) Jeff Munneke to implement the 1 Program this past season. It is an honor to represent our part-time Game Night staff as this year’s NBA Summer League. I look forward to continuing to be an integral part of the 1 Program next season with the goal of being the Friendliest Building in Sports,” Carter said.

This is the second season the Wolves have sent two lucky employees to Las Vegas to enjoy Summer League.

It all started before the 2015-16 season when the Wolves, Lynx and Target Center teamed with Disney to introduce  the program, which is meant to create the ultimate fan experience. The Wolves have upped their resources to this  cause and fan experience has greatly improved since the program was implemented.

Munneke organized a contest where those who received at least five recognition cards were eligible to win a trip to  Las Vegas with the Timberwolves to take in Summer League. The drawing for the two employees took place during an all-staff meeting. Last year, Munneke randomly pulled two names. This year, Wolves point guard and Minnesota native Tyus Jones did the honors.

The Wolves and Lynx are doing their best to make the fan experience the absolute best for fans, and that will only  improve with the new renovations at the Target Center when they are completed before the 2017-17 season.

It’s also promising to see they are also recognizing those who willing to do whatever they can to create the friendliest building in sports for fans attending events.

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