That’s What He Said – Spurs at Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston’s 108-94 victory over San Antonio.

Click on a player to reveal quotes from their postgame press conference.

RE: Beating the Spurs, after losing 11 in a row against them:

“There just a hard team to beat. I think a lot of people have struggled against them. They’ve got really good players. Obviously, great coaching. And just a way that they play on both ends of the court that’s really hard to play against. And, so, they were missing quite a few guys, though, and then (Manu) Ginobili being out on the second night of a back-to-back – you know, I think that we still had to make enough plays to separate it there, and I thought we were able to do that kind of chipping away over the first three quarters and that with that flurry at the start of the fourth.”

RE: Key to defense last few games:

“We went into the season with a few tweaks, but you know, also we really thought that our length could be a factor all over the court. And I still think we can improve quite a bit in that area, but our effort and our attention to detail – our communication with Al (Horford) and Aron (Baynes) is excellent. You know, if you go through something and walk through one time with Al and Aron, they can direct the whole thing. So that’s pretty – pretty unique, I think.”

RE: Kyrie Irving’s defense:

“He’s playing both ends of the floor really well, and he’s really – he’s really – you know, when you’re guarding all those high screens in the NBA that’s not easy. And he’s doing a good job of knowing when to peel back and switch. He’s doing a good job of chasing when he needs to chase, he stays in plays, he gets his hands on balls; he got a couple more balls tonight. I think we can continue to get better at finding him on offense and figuring out what our spots are for him, but you can tell he’s getting more comfortable every time he takes the floor.”

RE: How versatile is Semi Ojeleye proving to be defensively:

“I think Semi’s got a chance to be one of the better defenders around. And so we have to – you know, he’ll get more comfortable with where his spots are offensively, too. It was good to see him make that corner three, there. Got a couple of effort baskets. Got to the foul like. But I thought that the reason he’s in the game right now is to match up against Rudy Gay, and then to switch if we want to switch. And we knew that coming in, that he was going to have that ability. I think that his lateral ability is just so impressive for a guy his size.”

RE: Jason Tatum’s contributions on a weaker shooting night:

“Well I think the most encouraging thing is nights where they’re not falling, they’re not hanging their heads. I mean, Terry Rozier was 1-for-9 or something at one point and then hit four straight shots, and separated the game. And I thought Jaylen Brown was coming off of a couple games where he didn’t shoot it as well and tonight he played great. So it’s all about how you respond in this deal, whether it’s minute-to-minute or game-to-game.”

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