That's What He Said – Nets at Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston’s 114-105 victory over Brooklyn.

Click on a player to reveal quotes from their postgame press conference.

RE: What does it mean to win Atlantic Division:

“Yea Abby (Chin) just told me that when we did the TV interview. I don’t even know what divisions are for anymore other than tiebreakers and playoff scenarios like last year. It’s not something that we necessarily set as a concrete goal, but Toronto is a heck of a team and to even be at a level where throughout an 81/82 game season that we are at the top of that division I guess it means something. It’s not something we’ve talked about and I guess in Boston you only talk about one goal right so everything else is leading up to that.”

RE: In 3rd quarter 18-5 run/went to line 4/5 straight possessions:

“They are second or third in the last 22 games since the All-Star break of getting to the foul line. They’re playing Hollis-Jefferson (Rondae) at the four and so they have most of the time four hard driving guys and then a five that can really draw a fouls in Lopez (Brook). That’s not unique to us, that they got to the foul line on us, but I didn’t think we played very well in that stretch. I felt we were really good before that.”

RE: Avery Bradley back to full strength/how important is that:

“It’s important. I’ve told Avery all along that these last five games or so since he’s been back, maybe it’s 4 games now, that these are really important for him. His cuts looked really sharp, he came off those screens and made shots at the end of the Charlotte game and he continued that in this game. He’s a big important part of our chance moving forward.”

RE: Point of season where final result only thing that matters or still worry about stretches where teams creep back into games:

“We haven’t been very good in those stretches. We’ve been fortunate that it hasn’t come back to bite us, but we got to get better at that. Our guys know it. It’s all we were talking about during the Charlotte game, after the Charlotte game in the locker room, today before the game that’s what they were talking about in the huddle when we took the big lead. It’s a little bit easier to play when you are down like that because there is not quite as much pressure, but we have to play a lot better than we have in the last two games with a lead.”

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