That’s What He Said – Kings at Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston’s 113-86 victory over Sacramento.

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RE: Daniel Theis and Semi Ojeleye off the bench:

“I thought our second unit was the reason why we were in the position at halftime that we were in. I thought that they came in – especially the start of the second quarter – I thought we, you know, that was our defensive nine minutes, or eight minutes, or seven minutes or whatever it was to start the quarter – and then I thought those guys got it going on the other end a little bit, too. And I thought when our starters came back in, especially at the start of the third, they were really good. But I thought we were kind of going back and forth and then the bench got us kick-started today, which is good. I’m encouraged by that.”

RE: Daniel Theis’ rebounding:

“Yeah, and he’s playing against big, strong guys, obviously, when you talk about Kostas (Koufos) and obviously Willie Cauley-Stein or (Zach) Randolph, the guys that can go above the rim and get balls. Or guys that have been good rebounders for a long time. And you know, he just has a good motor to him. He’s always in good position. Never quits on plays. He’s got good balance as we can see, and he’s awfully long so he keeps his hands – even when he doesn’t get it, he tips it, kind of keeps it alive. But I think he’s had a – obviously – a darn good first eight games; he’s certainly played – done a lot of good things for us.”

RE: Jaylen Brown:

“You know what was interesting: I thought that he only took eight shots, but obviously 22 points on eight shots is great. I thought that he – he took all the right ones. He didn’t force anything. I thought he was really, really active defensively when he was in there and I thought that obviously when he gets going out on the open floor on cuts, when he gets an angle at the rim, he’s really good. So I thought he played really well and, you know, that’s a good thing. We believe in his shooting; that’s for sure.”

RE: Difference in Brown’s play at home and on the road:

“I thought he played – I thought he had moments last year both at home and on the road – I’m not – those are things that work themselves out over time. You focus on the next task. We’ve talked about this before; I don’t talk a lot about home and road. We’ve just – we’ve got a game to play and we’ve got to focus on what we need to do to win that possession. And again, we got a lot of good contributions today. I was – not only the guys that shot it in, but I thought – I thought one of the most important players in the first half was (Marcus) Smart. I thought the way that he moved the ball – he had six assists at halftime – he was playing out in the post. He could’ve forced a couple, but he found open guys. If we can keep playing on a night where one guy catches fire and we keep finding him, that’s great. And on another night, just keep finding each other, that’s a positive. I liked the fact that we had as many assisted field goals as we did.”

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