That's What He Said – Hornets at Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston’s 94-82 victory over Charlotte.

Click on a player to reveal quotes from their postgame press conference.

RE: Is there such a thing as “too much” ball movement:

“Not on October 2nd, there’s not.  I think that you’re trying to build a sharing mindset, a high-motor mindset, on both ends of the floor.  When you play defense, you play defense hard as a team. You cover for one another. And when you play offense, you play hard as a team. And so hopefully we’ll continue to build that. So far, they’ve really tried.  It’s just a matter of, I think, getting a little bit crisper.”

RE: Shooting success:

“I don’t really care about the shooting.  You know, I just care about the shots we’re getting. And we got some great looks in the first half, especially.  I mean, I used to always – even in college – in your first exhibition game you’re ready for there to be some real bricks early because everybody’s so excited to be out there, playing against somebody else. So that’s nothing new.  And, you know, I thought that we got pretty decent looks. But I’m really encouraged by the other end of the floor because I think this team can be pretty good on that end.”

RE: Aron Baynes:

“If you look at statistically, when he challenges shots vertically at the rim he’s really, really good. He’s hard to score on. He’s a big strong guy now, and he is very capable shooting the ball as well.  So his ability to knock down 15-17 footers off of those little pick-and-pops I thought was good for us, especially in that first 24 minutes when we were struggling for the ball to go in the basket.”

RE: Value of keeping Al Horford or Kyrie Irving on the floor in the first half:

“Well we’re just trying to figure that out. So this is all part of – I put all the subs on a piece of paper today and pretty much stayed with it all the way through, with a few tweaks here or there. But like, I just wanted to see different combinations and try to rotate a little bit differently, obviously. Still not having Marcus Morris, you’re still not full with what you’re going to do, but I felt pretty good about some of the things we did. And we’ll probably tweak some others on Friday night.”

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