That's What He Said – Bulls at Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston’s 108-97 victory over Chicago.

Click on a player or coach to reveal quotes from their postgame press conference.

RE: Avery Bradley’s scoring in the first three quarters, and his defense on Jimmy Butler:

“Avery’s really important to our team; we’ve said that all year. He’s played great in the last couple of games and I think that Jimmy Butler’s a hard guy to guard, Dwyane Wade’s hard to guard – you’re not going to stop those guys but you just try to make it as hard as possible, and I thought all of our guys did a pretty good job when they switched on to Butler tonight. But, certainly Avery is the guy that starts the game on him, and has played a lot of minutes on him, and has done a really good job.”

RE: Isaiah Thomas’ big defensive rebound in the fourth quarter, after going 1 for 10 from the three-point line:

“Yeah, that was a great rebound in traffic. We played pretty well in that fourth quarter offensively and defensively; even the shots we missed I felt like were great looks. And I thought that Isaiah did a lot of good things. We haven’t shot it the last two games, but I don’t have a problem with most of the looks. I thought that we got a little – you know, I thought we shot a few that were a little bit questionable in the first half. But I thought for the most part we settled down after that and played pretty well.”

RE: Thomas’s defense in that stretch:

“Isaiah – yeah, Isaiah’s doing a good job. I mean, we’re asking him to do a lot in those. He’s switching some, showing some, blitzing some. He’s got to be on his toes and alert the whole game because they’re involving him in a lot of actions.”

RE: Al Horford:

“Yeah, he was really good down the stretch. And we needed him to be. We needed him when they go small, like they did, to be able to score in the post and play through them in the post, rebound the ball, make plays. He was active defensively, he got his hands on tons of balls. He was great blocking out. He just did a lot of good things. And as you know, we play through his passing quite a bit, so yeah, we just need to keep doing it.”

RE: Are the Celtics learning how tough it is to win playoff games?:

“Yeah, I mean, I think that that’s been something that – obviously two years ago when we played Cleveland, we were – I thought we actually played pretty well, and it wasn’t even close, right? And so, last year I thought we played a little bit better and obviously our first two games didn’t go so hot, but I think we’ve learned a lot throughout all of that. It’s tough to win. It’s tough to win an NBA basketball game, let alone a game at this level and this level of intensity, with the guys that are on the other team.”

RE: Scored 24 points/defense on Jimmy Butler:

“I was just trying to be a little more aggressive on the offensive end. I knew my team needed me to do that so I just tried to pick my spots on both ends of the floor. Tried to stay out of foul trouble, tried to eliminate letting Jimmy Butler get to the free throw line and that was my goal in this game and I feel like I did a great job at it.”

RE: Difference in the 4th quarter:

“I think for us on the offensive end it was getting the ball in Isaiah Thomas’ hands so he can make plays for our team; if that was him scoring, creating shots for players on our team, and just one stop at a time. Being solid on the defensive end and trying not to foul those guys and it’s hard because they’re very good players, but I feel like our players did a great job tonight, especially Marcus Smart. He made some really big plays for our team.”

RE: Jimmy Butler matchup/feel like you won tonight:

“I’m trying to make it hard on him. Butler is a very good player and my job for our team is to go out there and defend, try not to foul, and make the player work for every shot and make him work on both ends of the floor. That’s what I tried to do tonight.”

RE: What have you guys learned about yourselves coming back from 0-2:

“It’s kind of been the story of our team; being able to fight through adversity. No matter what we go through we would overcome it and I think it’s this group of guys, our coaching staff, we believe, we believe in one another. I said it earlier, we went to Chicago knowing that we were going to win those games, not hoping. We knew that we were going to take two games and come here and take one at home and now it’s our job to continue to play the same way and finish the series in Chicago.”

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