That's What He Said – Bucks at Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston’s 112-94 victory over Milwaukee.

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RE: Thoughts on playing the Bulls in the first round:

“Played them four times. Split it. Really physical team. Great offensive rebounding team, with multiple proven playoff players. Played good basketball in the games I’ve watched recently. And so we’re going to have our hands full. But I guess it’s the playoffs; that’s what’s supposed to be the case. We’re looking forward to competing.”

RE: Appreciating the accomplishment of finishing in first place:

“I think there’s a pride in being consistent, and I told the guys that. I thought that they’d been really consistent throughout the whole year with the way that they’ve gone about their preparation and competed on a night-to-night basis. It’s not always easy throughout an 82-game schedule to be at your very best, but these guys are very consistent in their prep and the way they compete. So that’s a real positive but now – we’ll talk about what was accomplished later; we’ll focus on whenever we play this weekend, to get ready.”

RE: Was he watching the Cleveland score when he sat Isaiah Thomas and other starters:

“I had a sense, but I wasn’t – I just thought that bench unit looked like they were about ready to get going, and believed in them to kind of make a run there. And Avery (Bradley) was still out there, Jae (Crowder) was out there, and I thought that we got a bunch of stops in a row and then it was great that those guys kind of salted that game away. That was a good thing for our team, but, yeah, I think at halftime we knew the score and then I just said basically, ‘Let me know if it gets close,’ obviously, but that wasn’t the deciding factor in any moves, by any means.”

RE: Amir Johnson in the second half:

“I thought Amir was good most of the night. We need Amir to be really good. You know, his athleticism, his ability to stretch the floor with those shots, but also his ability to roll and rebound and finish at the rim. You know, we’re going to need him to play at a high level – as we – all of our guys that are playing the majority of our minutes are going to have to play at a really good level. That’s what this time of the year is going to be all about.”

RE: Avery Bradley’s getting his hand checked out:

“He got smacked on the hand but then he was cleared to go back in, so it turned out to be nothing to be concerned about, is what I was told. And he was not concerned about it to go back in. I would be lying if I didn’t say that when he came out with his hands kind of shaking that I didn’t start to think about getting some other guys out.”

RE: Three quarters played tough:

“Yea we got a lot done today. One our health, everyone came out healthy. Two, guys were pros. We played for three quarters, it was a ball game, fatigue may have set in a little bit, but I thought the guys really gave their best. We got some minutes with Henson (John) and Malcolm (Brogdon) and now we have to turn the page and get ready for Toronto.”

RE: Some games tonight weren’t close, this game was:

“I thought we came out tonight, were pros, we were executing, the ball was moving. During the 4th quarter we kind of got away from passing the ball and got into a little one on one situation, but overall it was a good performance. We came out healthy, we got guys minutes that needed to get minutes and now we got to get ready for the next season.”

RE: Malcom Brogdon:

“I think Malcom was ready. We wanted to get him a couple minutes after halftime just to see how he felt, and I thought he did a great job. From there his game was like it was before the injury.”

RE: Looking ahead to Toronto:

“I think both teams know each other well. Understanding they got a couple new pieces that have helped them with Tucker (P.J.) and Ibaka (Serge). We expect a physical series, a tough series. They got All-Stars in Lowry (Kyle) and DeRozan (DeMar) who is playing at a very high level. A tough opponent but our job is to focus on one possession and that’s the first possession whenever we play.”

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