That’s What He Said – Bucks at Celtics

Read what the players and coaches had to say following Boston’s 100-108 defeat to Milwaukee.

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RE: Gordon Hayward update:

“The last I heard that he was – when I left to take the court – that he was heading into surgery. So I have not talked to him or them yet, but I will right after I’m done here.”

RE: Matchup:

“I think obviously their length, and their energy won the game. And I thought that they did a great job with the way that they played. That’s a really good team. You know, this is something that we’re going to just have to figure out as we go; obviously we’re already going, so we’re going to have to figure it out pretty quickly. But there’s obviously – that’s a team that’s going to pose a lot of problems for a lot of people. And you saw the way Giannis (Antetokounmpo) played tonight. I mean, you watched him in the preseason games; you thought, ‘That’s an MVP candidate, for sure.”

RE: Is he still searching for the right rotation:

“Yeah, it’s going to be that way. We’ve got a lot of young guys. I’m hopeful that we can find the right combinations; we obviously didn’t anticipate going maybe this far into the bench this early. But I thought some of those guys did a pretty good job. You know, I thought (Abdel) Nader did a good job; I thought that Semi (Ojeleye) provided some good minutes defensively. And thenI thought (Daniel) Theis, when he came in, did a pretty good job. The part that we’ve got to find is a combination that works all together, especially when we go to the bench right bow. So, we’ll find it.”

RE: Jaylen Brown’s growth on defense and offense:

“Yeah. I mean, I think we have high expectations for Jaylen. I think that he’s a good player; I think he’ll continue to grow on both ends. But we’re going to ask him to do an awful lot, so that’s part of it.”

RE: How Brown’s foul trouble impacted the game:

“Well, I thought that obviously not having him out there, having him have to play somewhat tentative with the four and five fouls is not a good thing, especially when Giannis and (Khris) Middleton can put you in a bad spot. And they did so over and over tonight. I thought tonight could have been worse; I thought they missed open shots. So we have a long way to go.”

RE: On being outplayed:

“We gotta capitalize on a lot of mistakes we made tonight. We messed up on a lot of plays, and that can’t happen. We gotta be professional, we got to learn the plays or we won’t play.”

RE: On the Gordon Hayward injury:

“I think we are moving on from that. Like he told us, before the game, we got that message, before the whole arena got the message, he’s fine. And I think that were taking it the right way and we just got to move forward. Personally, it was tough seeing it but I think we’ll be fine, we just gotta adjust.”

RE: On being a leader:

“I gotta come off the bench and step up, and make sure the guys that are coming off the bench with me – make sure we’re on the same page. I told a couple guys it was my fault that we weren’t capitalizing on a lot of plays tonight. I gotta do a better job at making sure everybody is in the right position, and yelling out the plays.”

RE: On bogging down the offense:

“We got a lot of guys that can play most of the positions, so when you call out the plays some guys just run to the spot that they can play in, which kinda messes us up but, like I said we gotta get it right and you know, were professionals and we gotta play off one another.”

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