Temple Talks Longtime Friendship With Galloway

Garrett Temple and Langston Galloway might be new teammates in Sacramento, but they’ve been lifelong friends.

Both born and raised in Baton Rouge, La., the Sacramento Kings guards companionship goes back years. First officially meeting through basketball, Galloway and Temple’s parents had worked together and been friends for decades. Thanks to their families and love of the game, there was an early bond from the start.

“I remember seeing him playing basketball at a young age and our parents have known each other since before either of us were born, so that bond definitely is strong,” Temple said.

Five years older than his fellow Louisiana native, this is the first time Temple has ever teamed up with longtime friend. Since his arrival, Galloway has showcased a particularly strong work ethic and competitive spirit according to Temple.

“He’s a bulldog,” Temple said. “He’s a competitor. You never have to worry about him or his heart.”

Aside from their lifelong friendship, Temple and Galloway also share a special sense of determination and pride that comes with fulfilling dreams the hard way. Both being undrafted and working their way up through the D-League, these two Kings guards have achieved NBA success from the bottom.

“I’m glad I gave him the advice to go to the D-League rather than going overseas because it definitely paid off for him,” Temple said. “We have that bond of being underrated guys that had to work the hard way. He’s undersized, but he’s a bulldog out there.”

In addition to his game, the veteran guard also has high praise for the man Galloway is off the court. According to Temple, his fellow Baton Rouge native is one of the kindest players in the entire League.

“He has a great personality,” Temple said of his teammate. “Easily the nicest guy you will meet in the NBA, bar none and that type of guy you always root for.”

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