Skal Shines Since All-Star Break

Since the All-Star Break, rookie big man Skal Labissiere has been thrust into the heart of the rotation. He has rewarded the coaching staff’s decision by becoming one of the League’s best rookies during this stretch.

Among first year players that have appeared in at least 10 games since the midseason exhibition, the Haitian rookie is 11th best at 9.8 points per game. Among those, he is playing the second-least minutes. When looking at rookies that have played at least 20 games since the All-Star Game, Labissiere jumps up to seventh-best among rookies.

The first-year player hailing from Port-au-Prince is able to play well through his solid performance from the field. Shooting 52.4 percent, he is seventh best among rookies in field goal percentage among players with at least ten appearances since the All-Star Game. Among those in the top eight of this category, he is taking the second-most shots per game, making his ability to effectively get the ball in the basket even more impressive.

In contests after the midseason exhibition in New Orleans, Labissiere is fifth overall in rebounds per game, averaging 6.2 a night. Among first-year players with at least double-digit games in this stretch, he jumps up to third best.

As mentioned earlier, compared to some of the top performing rookies in this stretch, Labissiere is playing fewer minutes. But looking at per-36-minutes stats to place first-year players on more even footing, Labissiere’s rankings are perhaps even more impressive.

Among scoring, he is seventh best at 17 points per 36 minutes. He holds steady in field-goal percentage, also maintaining the seventh-best ranking. In rebounding, he is third at 10.8 rebounds per 36. He is 13th in blocks per 36 minutes, trailing teammate Georgios Papagiannis who holds the top spot.

With his impressive ranks among the first-year players since the All-Star Game, there is a lot to look forward to. He is also tied for fourth-most double-doubles during the stretch. Labissiere set multiple career-highs in a variety of statistical categories. As his career continues, the future can’t come soon enough for the Kings young big.

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