September 10 Named 'Julius Randle Day' In Lexington, Kentucky

Julius Randle may have only spent one year in Lexington, Kentucky, during his brief college career, but the city clearly made its impact on the young man.

On Sept. 10, Randle returned to Lexington to unveil a renovated court at the Charles Young Center. The Lakers power forward contributed to the cost of the reportedly $65,000 court.

In appreciation, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray dedicated Sept. 10, 2017 as “Julius Randle Day” in the city.

Wrote Gray:

I Jim Gray, Mayor of Lexington, in recognition of Julius Randle, and his many contributions on and off the court, including his contribution with Street Ball Stories to improve the courts at Charles Young Park, do hereby declare September 10, 2017, Julius Randle Day in Lexington.

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