Ratke On The Road | San Diego Training Camp Edition

San Diego, Saturday, 5:57 p.m.

Welcome to what will end up being the longest-lasting Ratke on the Road blog ever. Some say it could never be done. Some doubted us. One person even changed my account information to post on Timberwolves.com.


Day 1 in San Diego for the team’s training camp. I’ll be here with the team through training camp and then through the trip to China.

Why me, you ask?

Luckily, I overhead the conversation.

“Kyle has a cat. We think that’s his best friend which is somewhat weird, but let’s move along. He plays video games. His diet consists of dry cereal, Red Bull and Cheese-Its. We don’t particularly like him at work. He doesn’t wear socks. Plus, we’ve already asked eight people to go and they said no. This sounds like a great road trip for him!’

Okay, that’s not true. I do wear socks. They are just no-show socks. It’s 2017. People don’t need to see your socks.

Twenty days or 19 days or whatever is a long time. But a my friend (not my cat) told me this morning how lucky I am to be on this trip and how I’ll look back and be like, “Man, I’m lucky.” So yeah, I feel good about this.

We have a lot to catch up on, so let’s hammer through this quick.

Ten non-basketball highlights from this trip so far:

  1. I had the middle seat on my flight. I’d rather stand.
  2. Upon my San Diego arrival, I got some grub at the bar at my hotel. The bartender was a Cubs fan and we complained about Midwest weather and how San Diego was so great. And then I asked if they had any job openings (just kidding, bosses!).
  3. I have a patio and if I stand up, I can see the pool. But if I stand up, I look like I’m creeping on the pool. I stretch laying down.
  4. For breakfast, I had a bag of Chex Mix.
  5. After practice today, I pulled up my app to get a ride back home. The driver drove around in like 18 circles. Called me. Yelled at me. And then canceled the ride. Fun times.
  6. There’s a Whole Foods close to me and I got a free cheese sample. That was fun.
  7. I purchased animal crackers and chocolate covered almonds at Whole Foods. I’m 12 years old.
  8. The NBA is a pretty great place to work.
  9. There’s a 48 percent I packed a few dirty clothes with me on my trip unintentionally. If I said intentionally, that’d be weird.
  10. This should be No. 2, but I just remembered this. I watched a Bernie Madoff movie on my flight here with Robert De Niro and Michell Pfeiffer. I suggest you watch it. It’s fantastic. HBO I think.

I’m going to go crush some animal crackers.

I’ll check in tomorrow morning.

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