Preseason Game 3: Pelicans-Bulls Postgame Quotes 10-8-17



Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017

United Center

Final Score: Bulls 95, Pelicans 108



Alvin Gentry – Pelicans Head Coach

On the win in Chicago:

“I thought we did a good job. Early on we were pushing a couple of things. When we settled down and got better ball movement and people movement, we were fine.”


On what he changed in the second quarter:

“We just had better ball movement. We had better people movement and cuts and things like that. We had two big guys who are very willing passers – we can’t have guys just standing around. When we started to cut, we were able to come up with some easy baskets.”


On the free throw shooting and if it’s something they can build on:

“That is what we are hoping. We have two big guys who are good at posting up, that can be an advantage for us. When they take the ball to the basket, they put a lot of pressure on the refs to make calls. If you are taking it hard to the basket, there is a chance to get a lot of free throws.”


On the team seeming more aggressive with ball movement and spacing:

“Yes, we are getting better with that. We cannot be on top of our ‘bigs.’ We did a better job of that tonight. We will continue to improve. The big thing tonight is that we did a good job defensively. Chicago has some great shooters, we did a good job of getting into them tonight. They shot 39 threes and hit 11. That is a big drop off from the last time we played them.”


Anthony Davis

On how he’s feeling about the three preseason games so far:

“Good … There’s some stuff we need to work on. I think we did a great job tonight defensively. This team can shoot the ball from the three very well, so we did a great job of protecting the three, making them take one shot. I feel like we finally got into a groove. We did a good job of moving the basketball, so it was a good day for us.”


On the potential loss of Rajon Rondo:

“Well we looked great without him. It’s just the next guy up mentality. It is nothing too serious – guys get hurt all the time. Hopefully, he’ll come right back and get into the rotation. We just need to have our next guy up and get ready to play.”


Fred Hoiberg – Chicago Bulls Head Coach

On Lauri Markkanen:

“One thing everyone loves about Lauri is…I’ve talked about Summer League, my favorite game is when he took 10 threes and didn’t make any of them, but he kept shooting them and the next game he bounced back knocking down shots.  We want him aggressive.  He is one of the best shooters on this basketball team.  It was a great first experience for Lauri against two of the better ‘bigs’ in the league and get his feet wet for the first time against an NBA opponent.  I was happy to see him continue to be aggressive even though his shot wasn’t falling.”


On the starting lineup:

“I like what that group has brought us.  Tonight, we talked about getting off to a much better defensive start.  This team crushed us in the first quarter of the first game and that has been a theme in the other two games as well.  We held them to 20 points in that first quarter.  We shot the ball 31 percent in the first half and it was a five-point deficit.  That’s growth.  We didn’t shoot the ball well in Dallas and we got beat by 40-plus.  You have to find a way to keep yourself in the game when the shots aren’t falling—the third quarter was great.  I thought our movement was terrific.  We got out with pace.  I think we were six-for-11 from three in the third quarter. That is how it has got to be.  Our movement got a little stagnant with all their switching, but that is really the first time we have seen that and we will get better.”


On the spirit and effort:

“Our effort was great.  I’m proud of the guys for going out and fighting.  They played Cousins over 36 minutes and Davis 34.  They played their guys and we hung in there with them.  We got down a little bit in the third.  We made some big plays, hit those two threes in row to tie it or take the lead.  We kept clawing and scratching and fighting.  That is what this team has to do if we’re going to have to win over four quarters.” 


Lauri Markkanen:

On the game:

“It didn’t go the way we wanted it, but it was good to get some work in in an NBA game.”


On shooting when open:

“I’m not lacking confidence.  They just didn’t fall today.  I will just go back to the gym and keep practicing.  I’m not worried.” 


On being nervous before the game:

“I was nervous while sitting on the bench, but once I got into the game I was okay.” 


On playing against DeMarcus Cousins:

“He is very strong and it showed that I have things I need to work on.” 


On playing the four or five:

“It doesn’t matter to me, but obviously if I’m playing the five it’s more time in the post, which as you can see I need to work on.”


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