Preseason Game 2: Pelicans-Thunder Postgame Quotes 10-6-17

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry:
On the game tonight:
“I thought we did a good job early in the basketball game as far as moving the basketball and attacking and finding the mismatches. I thought we were all good right there. I thought we were good defensively. I thought as the game went on we didn’t do a good job getting into the flow of the offense and things like that. My biggest concern is that we are not offensively rebounding the ball. We have got to do a better job of that. Either that or we have to be great in transition. We want our guys going to the boards. I think we missed 49 shots tonight and I think we got six of them back. That’s just terrible. When you are under 20 percent on the offensive rebounds, that’s not good.”

On the starters’ minutes:
“As the game was going that way and I thought we had done what we needed to with those guys. I thought we got out what we needed to get out and there was no reason to extend their minutes. I played Jrue a little more in the third quarter because I was trying to get him a rhythm. I thought he did a good job coming back in and getting a rhythm. It gave us an opportunity to play some young guys and play them extended minutes. A guy like Perry Jones that we wanted to take a good look at. We got Charles Cooke in the game and we got Alexis [Ajinca] some minutes. He just came back from the birth of his child so we wanted get him minutes. I thought we accomplished what we wanted to. We would have played those guys more if Carmelo and those guys had played because of the matchup. We tried to see that matchup and look at some things that we are trying to do on a defensive standpoint from those guys. But since they didn’t play, I didn’t see a reason to play our guys.”

On what he is watching for when Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins are on the court
“We are just trying to see the chemistry between them. We are trying to figure out how best we can get the ball to them in the positions that they really want it. I think [Rajon] Rondo has done a good job with that. I think he could play more. I saw no point in risking anything with that situation. I think they are getting better from the standpoint of moving the basketball and finding each other and things like that. So we just continue to do it and obviously after the last preseason game, we have a few days in there to clean up everything and go from there.”

Pelicans guard Rajon Rondo:
On the defensive side tonight:
“We take pride in defense. We want to be one of the top three teams defensively in this league, so it starts now. We are just trying to get better and better each game.”

Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday:
On the third quarter:
“Ball movement. I think we moved the ball really well, really just reading off each other. Our offense is built to drive and it isn’t anything really set – to be able to drive and make something happen and kick it out and if you don’t have anything, make a quick decision, drive or make another play or shoot the wide-open three. I think we started getting into it and moving the ball a whole lot better.”

Pelicans guard Ian Clark:
On defensive play tonight:
“Overall I think we played well. Obviously they have got guys that can score on the other side. I think we did a good job for the most part of contesting them on tough twos, those guys are gonna make shots, that’s what they do because they are professionals. But I think we did a good job of staying in front of them in our match up coverage, obviously we didn’t do as much in the preseason as the regular season, but for the most part I think we did what we could.”

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