Power Rankings Roundup Week 3

ESPN.COM – Ranking: 1 –  Friday night’s win at Charlotte was Houston in technicolor. The Rockets set a record for the fewest 2-pointers attempted in a game, with 28. It also was only the third time in NBA history a team attempted 57 3-pointers or more. The other two occasions? The 2016-17 Houston Rockets.

NBA.COM – Ranking: 2 – James Harden’s effective field goal percentage is up (he’s been one of the league’s best finishers in the restricted area)…but injuries (to Chris Paul and Trevor Ariza) and illness (for Eric Gordon on Saturday) have kept their offense (which ranked No. 1 in the preseason) from finding its rhythm early on.

CBSSPORTS.COM – Ranking: 2 – The Rockets aren’t quite the Rockets yet. They’re winning games and playing efficient basketball, but they’re a below average team in pace and an average team on offense right now. This will surely go back to normal as the season continues on…

USATODAY.COM – Ranking: 1 – We can’t truly gauge this team until Chris Paul returns from his knee injury, so until then, we’ll just sit back and watch the three-balls fly…

SPORTINGNEWS.COM – Ranking: 3 – Clint Capela (13.7 points, 10.7 rebounds) [is] making 90.9 percent of his free throws. 

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