Lakers Youth Foundation 50/50 Raffle

Support the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation by participating in our 50/50 Raffle during all Lakers home games. All money from raffle ticket sales at the game go into the jackpot. 50 % of the jackpot goes to benefit the Lakers Youth Foundation. The other 50% goes to one lucky winner!

Fans in attendance may purchase 50/50 raffle tickets from the time doors open until the end of halftime. Raffle tickets can be purchased at kiosk locations on the main and upper concourse or from a uniformed raffle ticket seller in the Arena. The jackpot total for the game is updated in real time and displayed on various screens in the arena, enabling fans to watch the pot as it grows. The winning ticket number and jackpot total will be announced during the 1st timeout of the 4th quarter. You need not be present to win, but winners must claim prize within 30 days of the game date.

See Official Rules (PDF)

Questions about the 50/50 Raffle can be sent to or call 213-763-5424.

Winning Raffle Numbers

November 4, 2016 Golden State Warriors A-104757 Yes
November 6, 2016 Phoenix Suns B-573774 Yes
November 8, 2016 Dallas Mavericks C-190103 Yes
November 15, 2016 Brooklyn Nets D-502828 Yes
November 18, 2016 San Antonio Spurs E-131982 Yes
November 20, 2016 Chicago Bulls E-108578 Yes
November 22, 2016 Oklahoma City Thunder F-581181 Yes
November 25, 2016 Golden State Warriors G-562475 Yes
November 27, 2016 Atlanta Hawks H-459253 Yes
December 5, 2016 Utah Jazz I-174849 Yes
December 9, 2016 Phoenix Suns J-189874 Yes
December 11, 2016 New York Knicks K-321088 Yes
December 25, 2016 Los Angeles Clippers L-126323 Yes
December 27, 2016 Utah Jazz M-369264 Yes
December 29, 2016 Dallas Mavericks N-225764 Yes
January 1, 2017 Toronto Raptors O-169490 Yes
January 3, 2017 Memphis Grizzlies P-323672 No*
January 6, 2017 Miami Heat Q-556491 Yes
January 8, 2017 Orlando Magic R-499689 Yes
January 10, 2017 Portland Trail Blazers S-235286 Yes
January 15, 2017 Detroit Pistons T-232284 Yes
January 17, 2017 Denver Nuggets U-503402 No*
January 20, 2017 Indiana Pacers V-215365 Yes
January 31, 2017 Denver Nuggets W-546844 Yes
February 14, 2017 Sacramento Kings X-110953 Yes
February 26, 2017 San Antonio Spurs Y-235057 No*
February 28, 2017 Charlotte Hornets Z-342010 Yes
March 3, 2017 Boston Celtics A-133257 No
March 5, 2017 New Orleans Pelicans B-234643 Yes
March 12, 2017 Philadelphia 76ers C-165919 Yes
March 17, 2017 Milwaukee Bucks D-260295 Yes
March 19, 2017 Cleveland Cavaliers E-239730 Yes
March 21, 2017 Los Angeles Clippers F-293692 No
March 24, 2017 Minnesota Timberwolves G-378840 Yes
March 26, 2017 Portland Trail Blazers H-108649 No
March 28, 2017 Washington Wizards I-555612 Yes
April 2, 2017 Memphis Grizzlies J-520072 No
April 7, 2017 Sacramento Kings K-312661 No
April 9, 2017 Minnesota Timberwolves L-537645 No

* After 30 days, prize was not claimed and the full amount was donated to the Lakers Youth Foundation

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