Keys to the Game: Celtics 112, Bucks 94

Key Player

Well, it appears Gerald Green is ready for the Playoffs, even though he hadn’t played more than six minutes since March 24 heading into tonight’s action.

Green was a critical component of Boston’s dominant fourth quarter, as he tallied 12 during the period and 18 overall on the night. Believe it or not, Green, who is Isaiah Thomas’ close friend, ended IT’s streak of consecutive games leading the team in scoring at 43.

Boston outscored Milwaukee by 16 points while Green was on the floor. He played 21 minutes and shot 6-for-15 from the field while he was out there, highlighted by a high-flying dunk that was far and away his best of the season.

The Microwave, as we’ve sometimes called him here at, did a bit more than just score during this game. He also logged six rebounds to tie his season high in the category.

Brad Stevens said after the game that Green had the best workout of anyone on the team Tuesday afternoon, and that’s why he threw the guard into the game during the first quarter. Now Stevens has more evidence of how Green can bring it during live game action, too.

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