HEAT Dancer Blog: My Journey – Chloe

I began my journey of dance at the very young age of five; my mother would take me to ballet and hip hop classes because I loved it so much. It wasn’t until the age of nine when I became very serious about my talent and passion for dancing when I began competing at my dance studio, Intensity Dancers Studio. At Intensity I competed in hundreds of competitions for ten years, winning many titles at both regional and national dance competitions. In fact, during my senior year I won the national title of ‘Miss Superstar 2016’ at Intensity and 1st place at my last national competition – ending my career with a sense of grand accomplishments. Through all the trophies and tiaras, I was always taught to remain humble and to be the best version of myself through dance. This innate work ethic not only made me a stronger dancer, but also a stronger woman. Not only did I dance competitively, I attended New Worlds School of the Arts. In my four years of high school at NWSA I was taught by many well-known teachers in the dance community.  The dance classes I took were very structured technique classes that were all surrounded around the idea of finding your artistry within movement. Learning this artistry made movements gush out of all my being naturally.

Graciously, my journey in dance did not stop after high school like I once worried it would. On the contrary, it blossomed as I made it onto the Miami HEAT Dance team. Being a Miami HEAT Dancer involves many things outside of dancing at games. When I walk into rehearsal or throw on a costume it makes me feel as if I am exactly where I am meant to be. I love my hometown, Miami, I love the AmericanAirlines Arena, I love this team and most importantly I love dancing. So the fact that I am able to have all of those aspects wrapped into this one position, I remain in awe. The amount of passion and hard work it takes to do what we do day-in and day-out, on and off the court is no joke. But I truly believe that the work we put in behind closed doors always shows in our performances and appearances, which makes me so proud to be a member of this team. My dance background always led me to believe that I couldn’t just leave the talent I had behind just because I was not pursuing it in school anymore, and I am so happy with my choices that have led me to this journey as a Miami HEAT Dancer.

I think that all of the traits I have gained along my path in dancing will all follow me to any endeavor I chose to pursue. I am currently in school studying Public Relations & Communications at Florida International University with hopes of being accepted into law school and graduating with my Juris Doctor degree. The dedication that has been instilled in me through my training in dance will be what will push me to strive for more and more success in my future. I hope to always turn to my passion for any aspect of my life as my guide and form of therapy whenever I seek it. 

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