HEAT Dancer Blog: My Aspirations – Brittany

Growing up here in Miami I developed a desire to be a sports and entertainment reporter/host.  I took my inspiration to the University of Central Florida where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in radio and television. I have since become a freelance editor for various YouTube channels and other social media sites focusing on entertainment and beauty. My clients send me their video footage and I edit and piece it all together. When I edit it feels like I’m completing a puzzle – I really enjoy utilizing the skills I’ve learned and adding my own creative flair to it!

I’ve been dancing since the age of 3 and after I graduated from UCF I just couldn’t stop!  My love for dance, sports and entertainment has spread over into many sectors and I hope to eventually open my own off-season training facility, rehab center and dance studio in one central complex. At that point I’ll finally be surrounded by everything I’m passionate about! Wish me luck!

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