HEAT Dancer Blog: Change – Ashlee-Ann

Throughout my 21 years of dancing I’ve encountered many obstacles that have shaped me into the dancer I am today. When I first graduated from high school I went through the transition of being a competitive dancer to becoming a dance teacher. Not being able to dance competitively was difficult at first; however my passion for teaching and choreographing allowed me to bypass that minor struggle. 

Another change I encountered on my journey was becoming a Miami HEAT Dancer. Being a part of the HEAT added to my strengths and self-growth by providing me the opportunity to be more outspoken, maintain a professional appearance and become more involved with my community. During my two years as a Miami HEAT Dancer I have been fortunate enough to choreograph a few of our routines. It’s amazing to be able to both share my passion of choreography and have an arena full of Miami HEAT fans watch my work. For that, I am so thankful for the outstanding Miami HEAT organization.

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