GIF Recap | Lakers 103, Sixers 102

Markelle Fultz was helping the team get ready for Wednesday night’s game against the Lakers.

Larry Drew II dishin’ dimes.

Furkan getting really elaborate with the assist.

Teamwork (and hustle) certainly making the dream work.

So the first quarter was pretty much just a fancy assist party.

Larry Drew II with the hustle, Alex Poythress with the aggressive dunk.

What’s known: That was another sweet assist from Furkan. What isn’t: Why Alex is so mad at the rim.

Introducing: The Hesi Pull-Up Drewbo.

Drew II with the moves to beat the horn.

Alex Poythress going skyhigh for the rejection.

More cookies, more passes, more points in transition.

Furkan faking his way to a 3-point shot.

James Blackmon giving the Sixers the lead late in the fourth quarter.

Another hard-fought affair. The squad concludes Summer League play Friday at 8:30 PM EST.

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