Game 8: Pelicans-Timberwolves Postgame Quotes 11-01-17

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry:

On where the game got away tonight:
“I thought the first half we turned the ball over way too many times. We ended up giving up twenty-seven points off of turnovers. It’s hard to defend the turnover in this league, especially live turnovers so that gave them life. I thought we played well the second half, but you’re playing uphill most of the second half. You finally get the game where we’ve got it tied and then we’ve just got to make plays down the stretch. They made plays. We didn’t make plays and when you’re in a close game like that, that’s usually the difference in the game.”

On the Pelicans being 8–of–31 from the 3-point line:
“No, we had plenty (of scoring chances). The threes that we took, I would say, we took thirty-one of them, twenty-eight of them were really good looks and shots that you have to knock down. I didn’t think we had very many bad ones, but you do have to step up and knock them down.” 

On tonight’s game having any connection to Monday’s loss to the Orlando Magic:
“Had nothing to do with it. We played well. We took one of the best centers in the league right out of the game, Karl-Anthony Towns. I thought AD (Anthony Davis) and DeMarcus (Cousins) both did a great job on him and put a lot of pressure on him to guard. I didn’t think that we had very good play from the perimeter. I thought that Tony Allen came in a did a great job for us, but we’ve got to get better play than that from our perimeter players.”

Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis:

On turnovers:
“I think it’s just us just not taking care of (the ball). We know what we have to do. I think we’re trying to get into our mix a lot., isolation basketball, and then when it’s not there we try to force passes. We should hit the guys as soon as they’re open. We try to make those passes a little too late, so they end up becoming turnovers. We’ve got to get back to sharing the basketball like we did in the second half.”

Pelicans Guard Tony Allen:

On first half struggles:
“Guys just want to play hard. They want to make the right play. I think just letting the game come to you and just making the simple play at that moment, I think that will help us (get the turnover) situation down. For the most part, we played hard and we’ve got to be more careful in those situations.”

On plays down the stretch:
“I think it would be a different game if I make that basket under the rim. We come back down, Jimmy (Butler) makes a big play. That basically was the game. We talk about accountability. I’ve got to make that play for us and maybe it’s a different ballgame. However, we’ve got to have a short memory and be prepared for this road trip.”



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