Game 4: Pelicans-Trail Blazers Postgame Quotes 10-24-17

Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry
On the game:
“We battled, that’s all I can ask. I thought we played extremely hard. We got down 12 in the first half and then fought our way back, we were down 12 with six minutes to go in the game and then with two and a half [minutes] to go it was a one point game, it was a one possession game so you can’t fault any of that. We’ve just got to do a better job, obviously the offensive rebounding and the turnovers hurt us. Between our turnovers and the offensive rebounding they had 38 extra possessions and it’s hard to sustain any kind of flow or anything when you have that many turnovers and then you give up that many offensive rebounds.”

On Anthony Davis:
“Don’t know a whole lot, our trainers just said that the MRI came back negative and that’s all I know so I’m sure we’ll know more tomorrow.”

On if losing Anthony Davis changes the team:
“Well I mean it doesn’t matter who’s out there, we still got to battle, which our guys did. We’ve got to try and execute which for the most part we did but we had some careless turnovers. We also had some turnovers turn into the right thing. Listen, if we play that hard we’re going to be fine, we play that hard and that unselfishly, we’re going to be fine. We had some tough breaks, a couple of balls that could’ve gone in but just rolled around the basket and came out. For the most part I thought we followed the game plan, you can’t do a better job on Damian Lillard than what we did. He’s a guy that if you can hold him to 3-16 shooting, you’ve done as good a job as there ever will be done on him so I thought we were pretty good there. CJ [McCollum] hurt us a little bit but at the end of the night the offensive rebounding and our turnovers we the difference in the game.”

On if he knew when Davis got hurt:
“I really don’t know, I have not talked to him yet so I don’t know. It’s just speculation, some people said it was during warmups pregame yesterday, today, early in the game or whatever, I don’t really know that.”

Pelicans Forward Cheick Diallo
Obviously, this is a big game coming up. What are your thoughts going in and what do you think the environment will be like?
“We’re just going in to win the game. That’s all I know. Everything else, we’ll leave outside.”

You made a bunch of 3s in that second quarter to help regain the lead. What do you think of how you played as a team in that stretch?
“We had to pick our energy up. They were beating us off the offensive glass rebounds. If we rebounded then we had a good chance, and that’s what we did. Started rebounding and we were able to get shots.”

Pelicans Guard Jrue Holiday
Losing Anthony Davis early was tough, but what do you think of the overall effort just to stay in the game?
“It was great. DeMarcus really carried us and completely took over the game. His leadership on and off the court, the way he was talking to us, keeping up the energy, he did a great job. As a team, we fought for each other and that’s all we can ask for.”

Pelicans Center DeMarcus Cousins:
What did you think of your overall game?
“We competed. It sucks to lose one of your primary guys like that so early in the game… in general, at all. It sucks, but we’re a no excuse team. I’m happy with the effort. I mean, it sucks that we didn’t get the W, but we left it on the floor, and I’m proud of my guys.”

What was the key to staying in the game as long as you did?
“I think we played the right way. We shared the ball. We were locked in defensively. Of course, we had a couple break downs, but for the most part we were locked down defensively. I didn’t even realize until the game was over how good of a job we did on Dame and CJ – even though CJ got a little hot at the end. I mean, that’s expected, their two of the best guards at their positions. I think it was a great team effort all-around, but we just didn’t have enough push at the end to seal the deal.”

Did you feel like you had to take this team on your shoulders?
“Yeah. I mean, I had some wishful thinking that AD would return, but I had to step up to the plate, and that’s what I tried to do.”

What do you think allowed you to put up the points that you did?
“I found my angles. Bigs kind of dared me a lot tonight. My shot wasn’t falling the way I know it can or wish it did, but they dared me a lot tonight and I was able to get them on their heels some.”

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