Fun Life Lessons for Cleveland Kids

As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work.”

The importance of teamwork is one of many life lessons that can be learned from being a part of or watching a sports team. Each individual player brings their own unique skill-set to the group, fitting together with teammates like pieces of a puzzle. On Friday, a group of Cleveland-area students had a special opportunity to see how that lesson can apply to their everyday lives as well.

The Cavaliers welcomed approximately 30 children from Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s A.J. Rickoff School to Quicken Loans Arena as part of the team’s “Read to Achieve” program, presented in association with DDR. The kids were joined by members of the Scream Team, PA announcer Olivier, and mascots Moondog & Sir C.C.

Each student was given large puzzle pieces to decorate and then had to work with their classmates to fit the pieces together to complete the puzzle. Like each puzzle piece, each student saw that they themselves are unique, and when they work together with others, they can achieve something amazing.

As another example of this lesson, the Scream Team members talked to the kids about how they each have their own abilities, and when they all work together, they produce a great performance. To top it off, the hip hop dance squad performed for the group.

Before leaving, each student received a Cavs swag bag.

Presented in association with DDR

Read to Achieve is a year-round campaign designed to help young people develop a life-long love for reading and encourage adults to read regularly with children. The program reaches thousands of elementary and middle school students in Northeast Ohio through reading challenges, reading time-outs, book drives, donations and the construction of Reading & Learning Centers.

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