Denver Nuggets Support Sustainability Efforts with "Play Clean" Program

The Denver Nuggets support environmental sustainability efforts with an eco-friendly initiative at their arena, Pepsi Center, called “Play Clean.”

The “Play Clean” program developed by Kroenke Sports Enterprises is focused on recycling products and cutting down on pollution by cars. Pepsi Center is the first major entertainment venue in Colorado to provide single stream recycling of plastic cups, bottle and clean paper products used during events. The single stream recycling effort will save an estimated 20,000 pounds of material from landfills annually.

The “Play Clean” program also provides premium spaces in Pepsi Center’s parking lots for hybrid cars. Additionally, Pepsi Center is focused on reducing automobile emissions with an effort to reduce idling cars. Chopper Circle, the nearest street with access to Pepsi Center, has been marked a “No Idling Zone.” The “No Idling” signs have been posted on Chopper Circle near Pepsi Center’s box office to encourage parked motorists to turn off their engines.

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