Dennis Smith Jr. talks TV, favorite moments, and player comparisons in Twitter Q&A

Mavs rookie Dennis Smith Jr. had some time on his hands earlier today, and he used it to take fan questions on his Twitter account. Here are some of the best interactions.

First up comes the question of his favorite TV show.

This is particularly relevant right now because Smith wore a pair of “Martin”-themed shoes to his rookie photo shoot last week.

Then came a question about the best moment of his career so far.

It seems like a pretty simple one to answer, because the rookie’s career has barely even begun to this point. That said, he already put on some pretty impressive displays at the Las Vegas Summer League, from his Dunk Contest-worthy pregame dunk routines to landing First Team All-Vegas honors for averaging 17.3 points, 4.2 assists, and 2.2 steals in six games.

Smith was asked about the most exciting thing he’s done since beginning his career, and he had a great answer.

Was this before or after Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle flew himself to pay the rookie and his grandmother a visit in North Carolina? We’ll never know. But it’s clear that Smith has strong relationships with both his grandmother and his father Dennis Smith Sr., which is very cool to see.

One fan asked which current player Smith would compare his game to most, and the rook had this to say…

The player he mentioned in that response is second-year Mav Dorian Finney-Smith, who neither plays Smith’s position nor has practically anything else in common with the rookie. Their games aren’t similar in any way, so I’m pretty sure the No. 9 draft pick was just joking with his teammate.

Smith has already drawn comparisons to Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook, who at their respective peaks have been some of the best players in the NBA. That’s mighty-high company to be in, so it makes sense that Smith wouldn’t want to attract any more attention to those comparisons, lest he heap even more pressure and expectation on his own shoulders before he even makes his NBA debut.

For the record, Finney-Smith is also Smith’s favorite Maverick of all-time, at least aside from Dirk.

I guess those two must have really hit it off this summer in Las Vegas. Dallas went 5-1 in the desert and advanced all the way to the semis, so there were definitely plenty of good times for those two and the rest of their summer teammates to share.

He also revealed his hype song…

… and what he was listening to en route to games in Las Vegas.

Then came the Dragon Ball Z questions, which I am definitely OK with. (So, too, would be Wesley Matthews, who starred in a DBZ-themed video last season.) Smith first revealed his favorite characters…

Then, in a response to this fearless reporter (who never shies away from asking the hard questions), Smith put some pressure on his new teammate Matthews to give him some DBZ socks — if he’s feeling generous, that is.

He also had an extended chat with a fellow fan of Naruto, another hugely popular anime.

This is the thing you have to remember about Smith. He’s still only a teenager, and more than half the Mavs’ roster is below the age of 25. It’s a new day for this franchise. Sure, they all approach their job with a great deal of maturity and are expected to represent themselves, their franchise, and the NBA in a positive fashion, but they’re still going to happily play Xbox (or, in Smith’s case, PlayStation), listen to new music, and watch cartoons. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s pretty awesome.

It’s also fun to see Smith show us a little aspect of his personality on Twitter. Plenty of other Mavs in the past have been active on the social network, but right now it seems like Smith is the most-active Maverick on Twitter. Dirk Nowitzki brings heat any time he hits “send,” but if you’re looking for sheer volume, Smith is the man to beat. Maybe he’ll do more of these Q&As in the future, so always be on the lookout.

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