Dempsey's Deliveries: 2017 Draft, Competition at Point Guard and More

In today’s installment, Nuggets insider Christopher Dempsey answer five questions, including what the team might do with the No. 13 pick in this year’s NBA Draft.

Q: Moving forward, what will be the long term status of the Nuggets backcourt? Personally I liked the combination of Jamal Murray with Harris, but Mudiay played some really nice minutes towards the end of the year. Can he become one of the top backup point guards in the league, or will he perhaps start for the Nuggets over Murray? Those three, if utilized correctly could be a lethal combination in a few years. However, if the Nuggets have to make a decision between Murray and Mudiay, who do they choose? – Adam Brubaker

A: Adam- The Nuggets’ point guard competition figures to be arguably the most hotly-contested battle in this year’s training camp. As you pointed out, Emmanuel Mudiay finished the season strong. Jamal Murray did as well, getting his feet wet as a starting point guard. And of course, Gary Harris enters next season as the starting shooting guard. I wouldn’t sleep on veteran Jameer Nelson, either. He’s coming off of one of his better seasons and always shows up to camp in shape and ready to roll. The Nuggets aren’t going into it with any preconceived notions. They’ll let it play out during camp and the preseason, letting the players’ work on the court decide the hierarchy.

Q: Do you think the Nuggets would look to deal their first pick for a veteran if the pick is outside the top three? – Kevin Gregory

A: Kevin- At this point, all options are on the table, as Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly told in this story following Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery. The Nuggets, under Connelly and president Josh Kroenke, have always taken the approach of letting things unfold in front of them and letting that be their guide in the weeks leading up to, and on, draft night. So, yes, they could deal it. But any number of things can happen as well.

Q: Seeing as the Nuggets are already very young, they kept all three of their 1st rounders last year, would the draft pick have better value as a trade piece or should they pick up yet another young guy to develop? – Jonah Donaghy

A: Jonah- I guess this depends on what the potential offers are for the pick, so this is a fluid answer. I do think the Nuggets can get an elite specialist in the draft at No. 13, whether it’s a shot-blocker or a shooter, etc., and use him however they see fit in the rotation. But I think they can improve the team either way. And there’s always free agency and whatnot to add veterans to the mix as well. The good thing for the Nuggets is they got two of the rookies from this season – Jamal Murray and Juancho Hernangomez – good minutes, so they’ll come into next season with experience. Others, like Gary Harris and Nikola Jokić, are getting older and more seasoned, growing into veterans themselves. So while the Nuggets would continue to be young in age if they drafted a player at No. 13, they’re also going to be more experienced next season as well.

Q: Should the Nuggets resign Gallo, for how many years/money do you think it would be a good deal for both parts? – Laura Cristaldi

A: Laura- Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly has said that retaining Danilo Gallinari would be one of the team’s top priorities in the offseason. So the desire to have Gallo on the roster is there. Gallinari has expressed a love for the city of Denver and satisfaction with the direction the team is headed. We’ll have to see how it plays out in the next couple of months.


A: Vic- No.

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