Daily News – May 28, 2017

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Cleveland Cavaliers fans should be like LeBron James and savor this moment
Author: Terry Pluto
Publication: Cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio — I love how LeBron James didn’t want to talk about the Golden State Warriors.

At least not right after the Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics in the 2017 NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

“We need to live in the moment,” James told the media after Thursday’s series clincher. Those of us who grew up with the Cavaliers should understand that. We’ve not only had so many bad moments with the Cavs, we’ve had horrible decades. – CLICK HERE to read full story.

Stress should be a two-way street in Warriors-Cavs NBA Finals matchup
Author: Bud Shaw
Publication: Cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Finally, it’s possible Ty Lue is correct when he says he has the toughest job in the NBA.

It wasn’t possible before. It is for the next three weeks.

The job now is beating a Warriors team that:

a) Is undefeated in the playoffs;

b) Won 73 games last year, then added Kevin Durant;

c) Once again finished Top Three in offense and defense; and

d) Once again has home-court advantage.

“I’m going to be honest,” LeBron James told reporters in Boston Thursday night when the Cavs clinched their third consecutive trip to the NBA Finals. “I’m not in the right mind to even talk about Golden State. It’s too stressful, and I’m not stressed right now.” – CLICK HERE to read full story.

The creativity amid chaos of Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving
Author: Bill Livingston
Publication: Cleveland.com

BOSTON — In sports, players try to prune clutter away from their mechanics and become more streamlined and efficient. But deception is always part of whatever sport they’re playing, too.

Former Cleveland Indians general manager John Hart spoke admiringly of the way 1990s reliever Doug Jones could hide the ball in his delivery. “This guy is filthy!” Hart said.

Imagine then the organized mess, the disheveled duplicity, of Kyrie Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard. – CLICK HERE to read full story.

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