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Did LeBron James tell Dan Gilbert he’d leave after this contract? ‘Hey, Joe!’
Author: Joe Vardon
Publication: Cleveland.com

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Hey, Joe: With the signing of Cedi Osman, it looks as though Derrick Williams is the red-headed stepchild again. Osman didn’t exactly tear up the Turkish league and will have to adjust to the NBA and a new culture. Why is there so little respect for Derrick? — Jeff, Cleveland

Hey, Jeff: These are separate issues. It’s not an either-or scenario with Osman, 22, and Williams, 26 — though they are roughly the same height (6-8 or 6-9) and play the same position. Osman is a player whose NBA rights the Cavs have held for a while. They wanted to bring him over from Turkey, and realize that at this moment it’s not realistic to count on him for major minutes in the playoffs. Williams is a free agent and is generating very little buzz on the open market. Cleveland could bring him back for $2.4 million. A source said the team remains interested in bringing Williams back. Perhaps he is looking for other options because, as you said, he is indeed a stepchild of the red-headed variety, having lost his rotation spot in March (and through the playoffs) even though he played well for a month after signing in February as a free agent.
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Cavs payroll plus luxury tax hit could go beyond $200 million next season — a record
Author: Jason Lloyd
Publication: The Athletic

Regardless of whether they win another championship, the Cavs are setting up for a historic season. The recent signings of Kyle Korver and Cedi Osman have them in line to become the first $200 million team in NBA history.

Osman’s three-year deal this week has pushed the Cavs’ tax bill to $68.7 million. Add that to their $140 million payroll and Dan Gilbert is presently on the hook for about $209 million. That would obliterate the $193 million the Brooklyn Nets spent in payroll and taxes in 2013-14.

Of course, last summer’s surge in the salary cap has a lot to do with this year’s inflated figure. But so does the fact that the Cavs are in the unforgiving “repeat offender” tax code. With one open roster spot remaining, every dollar the Cavs spend going forward will now cost them at least $4.75 in taxes. – CLICK HERE to read full story.

Cleveland Cavaliers fall to Lonzo Ball, Lakers, 94-83, NBA Summer League
Author: Kareem Copeland, Associated Press
Publication: News-Herald

Lonzo Ball had another strong performance in the NBA Summer League, this time in another brand of footwear.

Ball’s Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Cavaliers, 94-83, in tournament play on July 13. A night after a 36-point, eight-rebound, 11-assist performance, Ball had 16 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds against Cleveland.

Point guard Kay Felder carried the Cavs (3-1) with 25 points and four assists. Casey Prather and T.J. Williams added 10 each. Anthony Gill had nine points and 10 rebounds. – CLICK HERE to read full story.

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