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Assessing Kyrie Irving’s list of preferred teams in a trade: Chris Fedor
Author: Chris Fedor
Publication: Cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving doesn’t have a no-trade clause, but that hasn’t stopped him from reportedly creating a preferred-destination list, one that includes four logical options.

Minnesota Timberwolves. San Antonio Spurs. New York Knicks. Miami Heat. Each team has an appeal that the Cavs don’t.

For Irving, who had a sit-down meeting with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert in early July where he discussed his future with the team, this exit strategy has numerous layers. – CLICK HERE to read full story.

JR Smith and Jason Day talk golf, hoops and ‘running into’ LeBron at a Cavs game
Author:Dave McMenamin
Publication: ESPN.com

When JR Smith isn’t on the court for the Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavaliers, there’s a decent chance you’ll find him hitting the links. Smith, a single-digit handicapper, is an avid golfer who hosts an annual charity tournament in his home state of New Jersey.

On Wednesday, Smith got inside the ropes when he caddied for major champion and Cavs fan Jason Day in a practice round ahead of the Bridgestone Invitational, held in Akron, Ohio.

Smith and Day sat down with ESPN.com to chat about the similarities between basketball and golf, Stephen Curry’s professional debut and that time LeBron James accidentally crashed into Day’s wife, Ellie, at a Cavs game back in 2015. – CLICK HERE to read full story.

If Kyrie Irving gets his trade, how much bigger would his role realistically grow?
Author: James Herbert
Publication: CBS Sports

What does Kyrie Irving actually want?

On July 7, the Cleveland Cavaliers star reportedly requested a trade. His rationale, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, was that he wants to be the focal point of a team rather than spending a fourth season with LeBron James, arguably the best player the NBA has ever seen. Next to James, Irving has been to three straight NBA Finals and made one of the most memorable and clutch shots in league history, one that secured Cleveland’s only title. Before James returned home in the summer of 2014, Irving’s Cavs had gone 78-152 in three seasons.

Irving has yet to comment publicly, and his reported list of preferred destinations remains confusing. If he joins the Minnesota Timberwolves, he would share the spotlight with Jimmy Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns and perhaps Andrew Wiggins. If he goes to the San Antonio Spurs, he would be the second-biggest star behind Kawhi Leonard in a system predicated on ball movement more than one-on-one scoring. Miami and New York make more sense because of his apparent desire to be the go-to guy, but each team would need much more than Irving to become a contender like Cleveland.
Beyond the requested teams and the simple fact he asked for a trade away from James, the most fascinating part of this situation is his wish for more responsibility.. – CLICK HERE to read full story.

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