Daily News – August 3, 2017

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Michael Jordan: LeBron James still ranks behind Kobe Bryant on best-of-all-time list
Author: Chris Fedor
Publication: Cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Michael Jordan, widely considered the greatest player of all time, believes simple math is working against LeBron James when it comes to his place on the NBA’s hierarchy, as Jordan still ranks Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant ahead of James.

“Would I rank LeBron over Kobe? In terms of best of all time? No,” Jordan said when answering a question from a camper at his Flight School in Santa Barbara, California earlier this week.

As plenty in the building started clapping, Jordan explained his stance further. – CLICK HERE to read full story.

Amico: Surprise, Cavs controlling Kyrie ordeal
Author:Sam Amico
Publication: Amico Hoops

Random dribbles on the Cleveland Cavaliers, who continue to look for the right trade:

1. Despite the national narrative, the Cavaliers feel as if they are in complete control of the Kyrie Irving situation. If they don’t find a trade they love, then yes, they will keep Irving and bring him to training camp.

2. Irving is under contract for two more years (with a player option in year three). What happens with that option will largely be determined by how well Irving plays over the next two seasons. So if Irving returns to Cleveland, it will be in his best interest to deny he ever wanted traded, that he has no beef with LeBron James, blah, blah, blah. And to play hard and continue to win.
CLICK HERE to read full story.

Offseason Grades: Cleveland Cavaliers
Author: Kevin Pelton
Publication: ESPN.com

Cleveland Cavaliers: C-

So much of the Cavaliers’ offseason is about trades not made (they hoped to acquire Butler or George to bolster their chances of beating the Golden State Warriors) or one potentially on the horizon involving unhappy point guard Kyrie Irving.

In terms of the moves the team did make, Cleveland seemed to overpay Kyle Korver to return on a three-year, $22 million deal (albeit with $18 million guaranteed). The Cavaliers signed three players at the veterans minimum. Derrick Rose looks like a good value but a poor fit, Jose Calderon is another weak defender on the second unit and Jeff Green theoretically fits Cleveland’s needs but rarely makes good on that potential. – CLICK HERE to read full story.

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