Daily News – August 21, 2017

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Is the Cavs’ Kyrie Irving situation fixable? While We’re Waiting

Scott Sargent

Publication: Waiting For Next Year

When news of Kyrie Irving’s trade demands came to light, fan emotions ranged from shock and surprise down to anger and dismay. Wherever one fell on the spectrum, almost all of what he or she felt was rooted in confusion. Why would a player in today’s era of Championship or Bust want to leave a situation that effectively plugs his team into the Conference Finals before a regular season game is even played? Why would such a talented offensive player not want to play alongside of the best passing forwards to ever play in the league? And what about all that “we’ll be back” talk?

Amidst all of the rumors and speculation surrounding Irving, his desires, and the Cavaliers’ current place in the league, so little made any sense at all; most of it made none. At least until now.

From a timeline standpoint, all of the Irving news has been very front-loaded into the offseason. It’s been a very quiet situation over much of the last couple of weeks, outside of a singular quote from (former?) Cavs guard Dahntay Jones and current FS1 reporter Chris Broussard.
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These five NBA free agents could struggle on their new teams

Author: Scott Rafferty
Publication: Sporting News

NBA teams went overboard with their spending last offseason. In the first year of the league’s new $24 billion television deal, there was a whopping $1 billion available in spending among NBA teams. This offseason? A still high but not nearly as significant $400 million.

As a result, teams have been more conservative in general with their spending. Other than the Knicks offering Tim Hardaway Jr. $71 million over four seasons, there weren’t as many questionable signings in the summer of 2017. However, that doesn’t mean they all made sense.

While there are at least eight free agents who will fit in perfectly with their new teams starting from next season, there are five in particular who might not experience a seamless transition.
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