Daily News – August 10, 2017

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March Road Trippin’ podcast gives window into Kyrie-LeBron feud
Author: Kevin Kleps
Publication: Crain’s Cleveland

The Road Trippin’ podcast is terrific for many reasons — the biggest being the unfiltered conversations Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye and Allie Clifton have with the likes of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

Wednesday, I took a glance at the Road Trippin’ episode list on my phone, and was drawn to Episode 15 — on which James and Irving appeared together.

I listened to it not long after it became available March 17, but it was fascinating to do so again now — in the wake of Irving asking for a trade and the two stars alternating not-so-subtle jabs on social media. – CLICK HERE to read full story.

Summer Forecast: 2017-18 NBA Most Valuable Player
Author: Staff Report
Publication: ESPN.com

Last season, Russell Westbrook triple-doubled his way to NBA history and the MVP award. Which superstar will take home the hardware after the 2017-18 season?

We asked the ESPN Forecast panel to rank its top three choices for the 2017-18 NBA MVP, with a first-place vote receiving five points, a second-place vote receiving three and a third-place vote receiving one.

Here are the results:- CLICK HERE to read full story.

Come at LeBron James, You Best Not Miss
Author: Rohan Nadkarnis
Publication: SI.com

Since he came home three summers ago (as told to Lee Jenkins!), LeBron James has revamped his public image, played three of the best Finals series ever, and delivered Cleveland its first championship in decades. He also hasn’t cared about the regular season.

Look, LeBron doesn’t really have a reason to care about anything besides the Finals. Hell, he can practically sleepwalk through the first three rounds of the playoffs and still be playing for a championship thanks to the sorry state of the East. But as LeBron has let the regular season slide, he’s seen others (Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook) usurp his MVP status. James, the best basketball player in the world, hasn’t won MVP in four seasons, thanks in large part to his laissez–faire attitude toward the 82 games before the postseason. For the first time in years, though, James may finally have a good reason to care about the regular season: Revenge.

The first year Curry won MVP, LeBron outdueled him in the Finals. The second year Curry won, LeBron blocked the s— out of him in the Finals, won Finals MVP, and turned the 73-win Warriors into an Internet meme. All of this is to say, whenever it’s been threatened, James has reclaimed his rep as the greatest player alive while the stakes were highest. – CLICK HERE to read full story.

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