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Harden and adidas Assist Houston

While James and the Rockets begin this season with continued concern and a heavy heart, they are also taking the court with a renewed purpose; not just to win games, but to help support our city, our fans, our neighbors. Please join the Harden Assists Houston campaign by pledging a donation for every assist that James has this season. If

Power Rankings Roundup Week 3

ESPN.COM – Ranking: 1 –  Friday night’s win at Charlotte was Houston in technicolor. The Rockets set a record for the fewest 2-pointers attempted in a game, with 28. It also was only the third time in NBA history a team attempted 57 3-pointers or more. The other two occasions? The 2016-17 Houston Rockets. NBA.COM – Ranking:

Rockets Power Rankings – Week 1 – 1. Houston Rockets (3-0): Trying to keep Nene fresh this year: no back to backs for him, even though the Rockets only have 14 sets this season… – 2. Houston Rockets (3–0): This team is deep enough, and talented enough… – 1. Houston Rockets (3-0): Needless to say, there has been quite the shake-up in our rankings