After Tiebreakers, Trail Blazers Will Have The 15th, 20th and 26th Picks In the 2017 NBA Draft

The Portland Trail Blazers will have three first round picks in the 2017 NBA Draft, and we now know exactly where those picks will be.

The NBA conducted their draft tiebreakers Tuesday afternoon at the league offices in Secaucus, NJ via a random drawing, the result of which is the Trail Blazers are owners of the 15th, 20th and 26th picks in the first round of the upcoming NBA Draft.

The Trail Blazers ended up with the 15th pick by winning the tiebreaker with the Chicago Bulls, a team that also finished the 2016-17 regular season with a 41-41 record. The Miami Heat finished with a 41-41 record as well, but since they missed the playoffs by virtue of losing the regular season tiebreaker with the Bulls, they are automatically awarded the better pick, which will be determined via the 2017 Draft Lottery, which takes place May 16.

Portland lost the next tiebreaker, which dictated the picks of the Memphis Grizzlies, whose first round pick is owed to the Trail Blazers this year via the Denver Nuggets as a part of the trade that also netted Jusuf Nurkić, and Atlanta Hawks, as both teams ended the regular season with 43-39 records. Atlanta won the tiebreaker, giving the Hawks the 19th pick and the Trail Blazers the 20th pick.

Finally, the Trail Blazers end up with the 26th pick after a four-way tiebreak between the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that owes the Trail Blazers their first round pick in 2017 after trading back their 2018 first round pick Portland received in exchange for taking on the remainder of Anderson Varejao’s contract in 2016, the Utah Jazz, the Toronto Raptors and the LA Clippers. Unfortunately for the Trail Blazers, the Cavaliers lost the tiebreaker with all three teams, resulting in the 26th overall pick, which could have been as high as 23rd had the balls bounced Portland’s way.

The Trail Blazers have no picks in the second round this year. The 2017 NBA Draft is scheduled for June 22.

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