2017 NBA Draft Prospects: Jarrett Allen Top 3 Strengths

OrlandoMagic.com examines the strengths of 2017 NBA Draft prospects.

By Josh Cohen

  • Jarrett Allen has the potential to be a rebounding machine in the NBA. He has tremendous size and really long arms. While he’s not really an explosive athlete or a dynamic leaper, Allen is very good at tracking down missed shots and using his body to shield off opponents near the rim.
  • Allen has a respectable mid-range jumper. If a play is run for him, it is usually a pick and pop. He has very good hands and he sets solid screens. While extending his range beyond the 3-point line would be ideal, most believe he will be most comfortable shooting from 10-15 feet out.
  • Allen is not an elite shot blocker but he is capable of altering shots. His long arms and reach make it tough for opponents to shoot over him and he’s a willing defender. He’s fairly slow moving laterally (a concern in defending pick-and-roll). However, he’s very physical, strong and durable.

    Position: C/PF
    Height: 6’11
    Weight: 235
    College: Texas
    College Stats: 13.4 points, 8.5 rebounds, 1.5 blocks

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